Making People Happy

When I was a kid I know I was thinking about making people happy making the people around me happy and the reason why I’m doing I was doing that I sing to you because I think I have an is around me the people that they have and I can do to make tend to be happy is important for for me for environments in in the group so that’s that’s basically how I was thinking back then

I bought saw when I was back then I concentrated on making people to be happy whatever the hobby is either it’s laugh smile or the welfare I mean the true happiness with within the hearts either way I want to make them happy so I try to be I address that I love to make I I loved to make jokes.

But when I graduated from my elementary school, that’s when everything started to change drastically, and that’s the time I change my values to the world yet so actually in reality that people aren’t that prom today shark phages they don’t love each other and they don’t link to Shaw they’re so people are just like people you know I’m saying like individuals they are islands everyone is a single island that isolated from far away from the crowd the herd. They push others away so they would not get hurt.

First reason would be they don’t want to get hurt. The second reason would be that people these days just push others away and fend themselves up with walls that divide things and keep them from harms.

The thing back then in my elementary school, was that people actually linked together. There were that emotional connections on a superpar level that bind everyone together. They cared about each other, they shared same feelings, either be happiness, sadness, moroseness or anger. This is something I can not find at this moment of my life.

And of course I feel like I slowly become not trying to make people happy? Even though that was my childhood personality. But I stopped, I have stopped making people happy anymore.

And I doubt I would ever get back to it. No reason, I guess it’s just what the environment makes you. If you were in a good environment, you flourish, a bad one, you get fucked.

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