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The New Return of the Old Cliche – Spider-man: Homecoming Review

It is completely fresh that this new Spider-man movie has brought new life to our typical Spider-man story.

As a reboot of the franchise, the film surprisingly didn’t follow the cliché of how Peter Parker becomes spider-man, but rather focusing on the aftermath of the Civil War and his life as a rookie Stark intern.

And this movie fits heavily into an American teenager’s life, which mainly includes school, love and family. And with the mercurial element of the vigilante Spider-man lifestyle, he loses his control over his life again and again. And Peter struggles to find a balance between his mundane life and the crime-fighter personality.

Peter met his first love in high school, he’s too young to understand responsibility. As the old saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” that Peter fails again and again. He failed to be cautious before he possessed the Alien bomb and gave it to his best buddy, which caused the disaster of Washington elevator. He failed to thoroughly investigate his opponent Vulture and tried to battle him on a ship, which later caused the ship to split apart, and Ironman came to rescue.

This rookie Spider-man isn’t the hero we always know and he’s constantly making mistakes and fails to understand responsibilities.

So, apart from the old cliché of how Peter Parker got bitten at the first place and gained the superpower of a spider, and Uncle Ben died a bit later. This movie took a complete new route to depict what a teenage Spider-man looks like. But I am sure that the story of Great Power is going to come in soon in the next titles.

Humorously, this teen Peter Parker’s jokes fit completely into the Spider-man style’s jokes. The nagging talk and the little bit stupidity draw a likeable hero we laugh from time to time in theater. This young, vigorous teen vibes went through the whole movie, which makes up, first, great character development, second, the core of superhero comics—be the one you want to be and be the hero you can be, as now you are young.

With the laugh strikes from time to time, makes up a good tension build-up of the film. There’s laugh, there’s also love, struggle and heroism.

Are we tired of seeing the old cliché of Spider-man origin? Maybe, and guess that’s why this film doesn’t focus much on that, with words carrying on on that part.

As a die-hard Spider-man fan, I probably wouldn’t get tired of watching Spider-man. But true, this time, we got Vulture. The villain we never had the main showdown in the previous titles, only a cameo in The Amazing Spider-man 2.


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