Just some thoughts, nothing else.

At the moment I am thinking about how do I implement and instill an aphorism into a movie, the kind of aphorism that is hard to manifest on graphics but easy on words.

Humans are geographical species.

And jump from this aphorism, I got carried away by the mainstream, the general public.

I think of the origins of how ethics/morality came to this world, while the mainstream are still doing what they are best at–being mainstream, being careless and oblivious to what are actually important.

And the reality is, the problems that keep human civilizations going for centuries don’t have as much exposure as the problems that pertain to the mundane life.

How pathetic?

I stop to chat to people for a long time now because the thing of chatting feels meaningless to me. I mean it has some meaning, but it is of no essence to tackle the problems I care, I love to delve deeper into these complex questions, while mainstream just chat for day and life. I get it, I’d do it the same, but I don’t feel like I would do it everyday.

Not long ago I found out the truth behind how our job market works. The jobs appearance depends on the supply and demand. It’s a direct relate. 

And if you say that the society is complex, I don’t think it’s really complex that much. After all these millennials of civilization, humans do not exactly change much. The kind of hierarchy still applies to any one of them, any one of the groups any one of the societies.

The world is easy on terms, somehow complex inside.

It’s changing so fast than the previous centuries, nothing really stands true for decades or centuries, it would get passed by the successors.

I wonder, where would this lead us to?

When a new job appears, it is mostly due to the market needs it. For example, the Pokemon Go trainer. There are some people willing to pay some other experienced players of the Pokemon Go to catch pokemons for them. Boom, a new job emerged.

Aside from the direct relation of supply and demand, a new job appears under these other conditions.

If someone is willing to pay you to do something; if you’re doing something, something for quite some time for other people, not exactly doing it for yourself, it’s a job. As I observed, a job mostly consists of things you do for others and the long time it is cost. A 5 minutes change of software codes probably won’t charge you anything, but a 30 minutes does. These conspicuous characteristics form a job. As you can see, long time, and if someone is willing to pay you.

A job does not necessarily appear from supply and demand, but most jobs do. While the exceptions are the ones I stated above.

If someone is willing to pay you to do something, it’s a job. If you do something for others for some long time, it’s a job.

What would be our next phase of civilization? I don’t know. As far as I know, the things that would last forever are the obsessions of mundane life and they would just exist, even if I died, centuries later. These stuff won’t fade away, like what they physically would be, but the mental obsessions from the general public would never die.

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