The Country You Need to Fear Meanwhile Salute to


A country that is known for its weirdness and hentainism. And a bunch of weeaboos’ pilgrimage destination. A glamorous sight of this country for the outsiders.

This country once led the global technology in the early 2000s and late 90s. A country that excels at many aspects and hard to fail at competing with other nations in the world.

The last century’s Walkman, cameras and electronics are best made by Japanese companies and corporations. The new installed government not only didn’t fail Japan, but push forwards it to a higher level that caught up with the US.

Talking about Japan, it’s hard to miss the support from America. The country that helped rebuild and reform the whole country, making it into today’s modernized, rich and flourishing country. Although, every pretty outcome underlines some problems inside its own structure.

The US only had helped rebuild Japan for some years, 2 years or so, to reform its government into a more US favored one, so to battle against the Communist force from the Soviet and China. And surely it did accept the system called Capitalism.

However, the kind of rebuild didn’t actually bring the country back to life with massive penalties and compensation fines to other victorious countries.

In essence, Japan had the help of US, but mostly due to its own highly educated people and fine systems helped recover the country faster than anyone. Although I have to mention here the compensation fine to China was declined by the Chinese leader Mao in the 70s to reconstruct the relationship between the two.

US had many influences on Japan, from culture to politics. Even till today, we can still see many westernized, or Americanish products and media from Japan.

The kind of lifestyle of Japan is its own culture and the America’s combined.

Japan the country has ever since produced so much cultural influence that even 70 years after the end of WW2, East Asian countries have conspiracy theories of Japan’s cultural invasion.

The manga, anime and hentai. All of its animated products have made thousands of millions otakus oversea. In the States, people like to refer these people as Weeaboos. And in China, they are Sizhai (死宅), same meaning with otaku but add a “dead” before it.

Somehow, the oversea export of this whole anime stuff is proved right. The influence of these products and media is far bigger than its own in Japan.

A rising power in East Asia has come to sight, China. However, this country isn’t as great as its neighbor Japan, in terms of cultural influence. The insane international influence, that kind of drive makes people respect and curious about Japan’s culture and Japanese. China has never since become a great leader in culture after WW2, its dominant force is on trade and business.

If you want people to list the merits of Japan, I bet they can make a long list of many things. Music, anime, cutting-edge technologies, disciplined, kind people etc.

One thing interesting about the technology, Japan possesses some of the cutting-edge technologies over medicine/healthcare, automation/robots and of course software.

Although we can see other cultural influences are rising in Asia. For example, Korean K-Pop and its idol soap-operas. And China’s own culture exports. But still, Japan still stands as a central core of East Asian cultures that is radiating continuously.

Japanese are a bunch of most creative and imaginative people. The worlds they absorbed from other cultures, they turn them into completely new and dope shits.

In the early 20th century, Japan was one of the powers on earth, thus had the influence from the far-flung west of Eurasia land. Its people’s contacts with these cultures started very early.

In Japan, for unknown reasons, the folklores from these European countries fascinate them. Many products from Japan depict these scenes and make stages for them.

The fantasy Europe.

I have to admit the story of prince and princess is lovely and I think most people would love to hear them once awhile. But. Japan has its own royal system and, of course it has its own emperor and prince and princess.

But why in Japan’s pop culture, it’s hard to find these symbols? Why the fantasy Europe is more fascinating than Japan’s own fantasy? I don’t actually have an answer for that, not being cheesy and crude. One guess would be simply “western is better”. The kind of aphorism that exists in East Asian countries for decades.

But anyway. Japan took these stuff, and turn them into something completely new.

It’s amazing how a culture can do this instead of the retarded version of China simply copy-pasting it.

The point is, Japan has made them better–becoming a version of Japan’s own. Things that only exist in Japanese imaginative minds.

Incredible that I say to the salutation side of Japan. Now, I have to disclose some of the weirdest phenomena from Japan.

  1. Hentai. As a country that is flourished with its animated products, it seems reasonable to make porn out of them. But the thing is, hentai is not a simple product, it’s many things combined. The tastes of Japanese can say very diverse. And we see all kinds of heavy and hardcore shits from Hentai. It’s just hentai, sometimes you would have a hard time with it.
  2. Blood worshiping? Or shall I say gore being very popular in pop culture? Not the literal gore, but the dark sense gore, like kind of psycho. Of course, we know that these stuff are human instincts, the stimulation for humans. But as we can see there are just many, uncountable many dark sense products from Japan. The kind of products that give you goosebumps and make you feel weird af.
  3. The inner circle of Japanese society. Japanese are a bunch of very disciplined people. Courtesy. I shall say. This kind of thing seems to have melted into Japanese minds, thus relations in Japan feel more or less like being in the verge of formal and hypocrisy. This is rather hard to explain, because you need get into this culture’s inner circle to understand how people would treat an insider, and an outsider, or an insider being outcast. Their tolerance about things and their anger towards what, and what are their bottom lines?
    I would like to say that Japan is a combination of heaven and hell. The higher ranks of the social ladder live a life that is much much different and juicier than the lower ranks of social ladder. And we know that, the wealth inequality is far less serious in Japan than the States. But still, this kind of peculiar social connections and the status of the society make this country different and distinguished from other western countries.

At first I was going to title this article as the country you need to salute and be away from, because of its weirdness. But you know, either it’s salute or fear. It kind of combines itself to respect.

Respect may come from fear, and it may stimulate salutation. But while, let me tell you a story.

In the late stage of WW2, the US marines are marching into Japan’s own lands. By invading one of its islands, the Emperor of Japan ordered its citizens to suicide if their cities or regions are compromised, or fallen to enemies hands. And so did they obey.

When US army hit the land of Japanese islands, they were all shocked, so shocked to see scenes–mothers that use knifes to kill the babies in their arms first, then continue to kill themselves; men in the village that go seppuku or simply just suicide. It was a mad scene.

This kind of shit stimulates fear in these US soldiers, later respect for this race, this culture.

I’m not going to lay down the detailed analysis of this scenery, but it’s just what it is.

If you can harness the the merits and features from other cultures, and manifest them into your own. It’s what makes a country great. You learn, from all sides of the world, and you grow and become more subtle and capable of running the country, thus making the country flourish. 

Japan, so much to be learned, and so much we can see.

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