An Alien Has Come to Earth


I want to write a story, a future for humans to aspire to.

But a better future would be too dreamy, and realism would be too human.

You can’t rob the realism out of a better future, otherwise it’s going to be un-achievable. But framing all of this onto the human standard, could not manifest the ultimate form of human–the Superman/Übermensch.

Because human in itself is a flawed species, it’s not perfect. However, achieving perfect would be not too human.

The kind of beauty flourishing out of humans is the beauty that withstands the weight, the weight that carries what we value the most, what we cherish the most.

The flawed magnificence.

But if we only stop till here, wouldn’t achieve what we can be better. It’s a matter of balance, whether we can harness ourselves of manifesting more of our bright side and harness the power of dark side.

Because in the great future, maybe there will be new species coming out of Earth, and dominate the whole world. I think we are just a tiny cue in the grand sublime symphony of Earth history.

The better species that can exceed what we are today, the kind of creature that is able to ditch what we can’t. Hateful, vengeful, unreasonable, violent, desiring, greedy, entitled, envious, hypocritical, lazy and many others.

In short, human is a creature that is constantly stimulated by all sorts of stimulants. Instinct-wise, they are just bunch of monkeys suddenly acquire the ability to think and enjoy.


An Alien Has Come to Earth


An alien has shipped itself with the most advanced space transportation to Earth, and it landed in the front yard of my house.

The thing settled down, and came to me,

“Earther, how are you. I come to understand how Earthers live on this planet.”

Me: You come to ask me, interesting. What do you want to know?

Alien: First, what are you?

Me: We call ourselves human beings.

Alien: So what are human beings?

Me: Human beings are peculiar creatures living on this planet.

Alien: How peculiar?

Me: Very, peculiar. It’s a very self-contradictory species–human beings title themselves as the savior of the planet, the new generation of millions of years. Yet they are incomplete, flawed and savage just like the oldborns.

Alien: How so? I can see magnificent creations just from outside the planet, they look fabulous from the space.

Me: Certainly, they are the most costly and delicately crafted construction by humans ever made. And we sure are striking our best for higher grounds.

Alien: Wait, I saw a peak beside an ocean. Is that also man-made?

Me: Do you mean Mountain Everest? No, that’s not by our hands, it’s by mother nature.

Alien: Fabulous, so you still can not compete with the creator?

Me: Yes, we are certainly incompetent and powerless facing the mother nature, she who created us.

Alien: Environment is what we all have on our planet. The mother nature created us either, and we ravel in her blessing, thus we cherish her even more. Now we are building our own planet from the very start, since the homeland has taught us everything, and we can create just as much as the nature could create.

Me: That sounds wonderful…. Yet same time terrifying.

Alien: How so?

Me: We are told that we should respect the nature. To us, nature still withholds its authority and prowess than much of us humans do. In short, we are so small compared to what mother nature has done.

Alien: You’re lying. On the way of landing here, I saw giant fog and considerably darkness covering the whole aerospace above the west side of the Ocean.

Me: That… sigh. Yes and I forgot to tell you that we humans are hypocrites. You are pointing at China, the nation which produces everything for us living on the planet.

Alien: Like a factory?

Me: Yes, pretty much it. 70% of the world products come from this nation.

Alien: That is strange. My planet produces its products without the detriments to the environment. Our nature has taught us the way of combining ourselves with it.

Me: Um… I think, I think we are striving towards that direction.

Alien: But it doesn’t look that way. My device detected some serious radioactive materials coming out from surface. What is this demogorgon appearing on this planet?

Me: Um… well. Glad that you come to see us in this era. Well, just 10 or 20 years ago this planet was ongoing a fierce competition of nuclear weapons.

Alien: Nuclear weapons? What is this?

Me: Well, simple explanation would be a devastating exterminator built for living creatures destruction.

Alien: Living creatures? That sounds terrifying. We don’t have this kind of “weapons” on our planet. But why would you build such a thing?

Me: Well for deterrence for sure, and it’s a very powerful tool of destroying your enemies.

Alien: But this kind of radioactive materials would damage the land and environments surrounding it, there is no point in using such a weapon. Powerful Weapons for aliens.

Me: That’s why the deterrence’s for, we call this the art of producing in the mind of the enemy the fear to attack.

Alien: So basically you don’t attack with the weapons then?

Me: No, we attack with the weapons, and twice have we done it before. It’s a tricky thing, it’s like holding your sword in your sheath in front of your enemy but wouldn’t really pull out the sword. But in unusual times, I think it would be the final solution to end all. Just like what the Great War once titled itself as “the war to end all wars”, I think this is “the means to end all means”.



An alien has shipped itself with the most advanced space transportation to Earth, and it landed in the front yard of my house.

The thing settled down, and came to me,

Alien: What a lovely place I have landed, how are you Earther?

Me: I’m fine, are you acquaintance with the previous one that landed on my front yard?

Alien: Who?

Me: Never mind. What’s your purpose here?

Alien: Our species just started to build its own social system, what do you suggest what we can do about it?

Me: Ditch inheritance system, if had one.

Alien: Inheritance system?

Me: Yes, it’s the source of all evil. At least in our society.

Alien: How so?

Me: The inheritance, or the legacy system has been on Earth for millennials and millennials. It started everything, but I am pretty sure it won’t be the end of everything. It’s what keeps human lineage alive.

Alien: Then it should be a good thing then? To keep what you previously had.

Me: No. At least that’s not what I think. I think inheritance system is bad and an enormous obstacle preventing humans from reaching meritocracy.

Alien: Meritocracy?

Me: Yes. A system that works for anyone and provides true equality.

Alien: Why do you want a system like that.

Me: Because everyone born on this planet didn’t have a choice on his or her birth. Someone is born in poverty, someone is born in wealth. And someone is born into power and someone is born into slavery.

A meritocracy society strives for the best for everyone, that everyone can start from the same line and head to whatever and wherever the goal is.

Alien: But how are you supposed to implement that?

Me: To us, humans, inheritance system is buried deep in our roots. To be frank, we are born into legacy.

This has been practiced for thousands of years in human history. We are born, and we accept what was left for us from our forebears.

But this system is flawed. For now, the passionate speech on TV from those politicians, the equality in their mouths is only a sub-par equality. The equality that provides same opportunity for everyone. But it’s not enough. There is no such thing as same opportunity if this system wasn’t cracked.

Alien: What do you mean by that? Doesn’t the same opportunity equal to equality?

Me: No. You see, human society works with information and access. At least, wealth does not come spontaneously, and resources don’t hand themselves out.

Providing same opportunity is only an assurance of environmental safety. Meaning, you can safely work here, learn here and grow here. It doesn’t really tackle the problems inside the ecosystem of human lives.

Alien: So I see, you humans are born into hierarchies.

Me: Exactly. The social structure has always been there and yet to change any. We had and have and will have upper class, middle class and lower class. From the start of civilization, we had slavery, a distinction between upper human and lower human. Till now, we still have the distinctions of these.

Although untold, but this still manifests in human society, and persists to flourish.

Alien: You say all of this is caused by inheritance system?

Me: Not all but most of them, yes.

Inheritance is what keeps the structure alive. Legacy molds people into who they are today and it affects every aspect of human life.

Alien: But what do you suggest to crack down this system?

Me: I have yet to come up a clear plan. But I think with the technologies upgrading, this future wouldn’t be far.

But beware, it would also look grim, at least in my head.

Alien: What do you suggest?

Me: I think, a total genetic engineering would be sufficed.

Alien: Genetic engineering? But how and why?

Me: Total genetic engineering. To produce people and separate them completely from their legacies, i.e. parents. But only rob them off the legacy but still would provide the caresses from their parents.

Alien: Interesting, our planet organisms don’t have specific parents concept since we are self-reproductive.

Me: Like….. bacteria?

Alien: Well at least it looks similar to that kind of organism on earth.

Me: This future in my head looks grim at the first glance. It looks like a complete robot factory that is producing the same model everywhere.

But to achieve the goal of truly starting equally, I think it would be necessary.

Later, would be the work to figure out how and what we can do to not rob the humaneness off of it.

After all, we are still humans. Aren’t we?

Alien: True. You humans work differently than us. We don’t have a clear concept of parents, let alone legacy. But

Me: Or, you can put each generation’s kids in a giant Petri dish facility. Everyone would start the same, and talents would manifest later from them.

It seems cruel to do this to the kids. But this assures the crackdown of inheritance system.

Alien: Completely cutting out from parental elements huh? Well we don’t have that concept so it’s hard to grasp.

Me: Well, I think it’s more or less creating a social structure like your society, that robs off the parental forces into things.

But I think a human touch would be sufficed. That we need not completely separate the children from their deserved love.

What we need is to make children stand on their own feet. To prevent other forces other than the kid’s own efforts to achieve something.

Alien: Looks like this is the meritocracy that you people aspire to.

Me: Yes exactly. We strive for building such a society.

Alien: Human society looks complex from this point of view, you people must have gone through a lot.

Me: It’s um… Yes complex on some level, but you can sort them all out to some rudimentary needs.

Humans are complicated, yet simple to understand. Most of their motivations come from pure greed and the desire to get stimulated more.

To abandon this system would be a start to leap to the goal of Superman. The mega-species that is better than the current us.


Alien: Hey, buddy what are you thinking?

Me: Some crazy stuff, it’s fine.

Alien: Tell me about it, how crazy is it lol.

Me: I wonder whether we can ditch hierarchy in our society.

Alien: Hierarchy? Like social structure?

Me: Yes.

Alien: It’s an idea, how are you supposed to ditch an idea?

Me: Like I said, crazy. But it seems necessary.

Alien: What do you suggest then?

Me: Hierarchy appears in every human social section. More over, it’s in every organism’s society on earth, as long as the organism has a recognizable society.

Hierarchy appears whenever differences occur.

Alien: If so, how are you supposed to ditch it? To create an “everything completely the same” world? Wouldn’t that be terrifying? Thought your planet’s merit is having diversity.

Me: Yeah, I think more or less a robotic world would appear. But let me explain the hierarchy.

Basically, humans are social animals.

Hierarchy, simply means a ladder to climb for whomever is in the social section/circle.

The hierarchy would classify any species in the circle, make a list out of them, keeping them in line and distinguish them with the invisible lines.

Alien: And people would act accordingly.

Me: Yes. That’s basically how human animals work. You label them something and they start to act accordingly to the labels.

In companies, hierarchies are obvious. Even within a squad, there’s unspoken hierarchy that differentiate one by one.

I think what I am trying to depict here is the hierarchy that splits people apart and causes distrust.

The lower levels of the hierarchy would spawn unsettling feelings towards the upper levels if the management is poor.

And to be frank, this hierarchy shit appears as soon as people discover differences.

It’s strange how people look at each other from appearance, background, degree and other stuff.

Alien: I understand. But how are you gonna ditch this stuff?

Me: Physically it would be eliminating differences. But we all know that is impossible.

So we need to turn people’s hearts. I think a great method to break or dilute hierarchy is to produce equal trust. The kind of trust that places people on the same line but keep them respectful to each other. A great team management, to reduce the gap between levels.

Though I know that is hard to be done, but I think it’s necessary.

We ain’t perfect, we judge things, and we separate our own.

If we can produce, whether by ourselves or by other means, a trust link that links everyone in the circle, hierarchy would disappear on its own term, or rendered useless even if it exists.

Alien: A machine to connect everyone together?

Me: Or a technology. I don’t know. It definitely would have its downsides, but it’ll be great to produce trust between people.

I think modern world more or less has already created such an environment–the Internet.

Internet connects everyone together, however it’s highly autonomous. People are pretty free on the Internet and can do whatever they want.

That’s not how exactly you’re going to produce a trust link between everyone.

Alien: So you think it’s more likely to rely on machines to fix the problem?

Me: I am not certain. A fully robotic world, ain’t that terrifying to you?

I feel like it’s a never ending problem and has no exact answer.

Alien: ……fair enough.


Me: So when you land on this planet, what are your thoughts?

Alien: I didn’t quite have much thoughts on this planet, we just passed through and happened to find it.

Me: Then why have you come to find me?

Alien: I’m curious about the creatures on this planet.

Me: Are you superior than us?

Alien: Can’t tell, I don’t have adequate data to conclude.

Me: I hope you are.

Alien: Why is that?

Me: We, we humans have certain flaws we can not neglect, and can not fix.

Alien: What do you mean?

Me: Seven Sins, first off…

Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride.

Other than these 7, we have even more flaws you can’t possibly imagine.

Alien: Impress me.

Me: We are restricted by our senses, our 5 sense–hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste. We can’t go beyond these. However, animals other than us can perform in incredible sense ability.

For example, hawks have far-sight. They can see much further than us. Dogs have better smell sense than us. Bats have supersonic hearing. Spiders can climb on walls.

The only thing left for us would be taste, because we can’t tell other animals’ tastes.

Either way, we are very limited by our physical body.

And by the way, we can’t break the limits either. Sometimes we use technologies to help us achieve feats that our normal senses couldn’t possible achieve.

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