It sounds like a myth, that nobody right now can actually implement a perfect meritocratic system for everyone.

However it’s doable in all sorts of aspect.

Every great empire, era rises from being meritocracy in the system. They utilize all the good resources they can during the time, and they benefit massively from it.

What can we currently do to fix our system? Our flaws? The inheritance system?

Simply putting the best people in charge has already spawned many questions on it.

What defines the best? What is the standard of merits? And the entry to the test?

The fake and why so many people advocate against, meritocracy today, is subdued by the powerful and elite people in the society. They have robbed off massive amount of resources, putting outer tiers resourceless to compete in the competition, making them the winners in long run.

I think the merit of meritocracy society is that it encourages social mobility, which would stay stagnant in a strict class society. Meritocracy, is a good way to communicate between different classes, it’ll ease the unsettling in lower tiers, and making the upper tiers more tolerant.

What would be the perfect meritocracy we want?

Not just for the political system. Politics is managing skills, we are talking about the meritocracy that would truly be implemented on a daily basis. How people work, how this whole hierarchy works, how we place people and how we perceive things etc.


I see people would like to argue that China is a meritocracy society, since the origin of meritocracy comes from China–the old nation with its ancient wisdom.

But whenever people are talking about this, and bringing this and the totalitarian ruling together, it doesn’t really seem like the country is working on a meritocracy basis.

And is China really meritocratic?

The choosing of leader in politics doesn’t show a strong suggestion of pure meritocracy–determining leaders by their merits, capabilities.

How do we perceive this meritocracy?


Someone would argue the standard of meritocracy would be too absolute so it can not be reached. As a utilitarian, my opinion sterns from whether something or someone can reach an expected good result, to determine whether this, is meritorious.

Deng Xiaoping, the revered Chinese leader once said this: “No matter it’s a black cat or a white cat, the one that can catch the mice is the good cat.”



  1. Egalitarianism
  2. Elimination of inheritance system

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