The Second Talk of My Weird Nature

I feel like a loner.

The introverted extrovert–ENFJ, have the tendency to become loners. Even if I’m not involving the personality type feature here, I’m more or less still a loner.

Barack Obama is a loner, he’s an ENFJ. And there’s that other guy who’s also ENFJ and meanwhile a loner.

I mean, I got my own pace to do stuff. I don’t really fit into groups, it’s not like I don’t want to, but intrinsically I just don’t fit. I don’t why, but it looks this way.

I am the one still figuring out what just happened, or what have I got in a celebration of an event. I am the one who would subconsciously analyze everything while others are reveling in dreams.

I’m so weirdly outcast lol.

I’m not too heated, nor too cold. I’m no the one who plows so loud and I’m not the one who keeps his quiet. I just, have my own pace, do my own work, live my own life. I don’t belong to anyone any group, the spirit of mine forges me.

I’m happy when I’m alone, I’m happy when I have trustworthy friends. Mundane? I accept mundane, but I don’t belong to mundane.

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