Mentally Appealing or Sexually Appealing

I get it, all men follow their animal instinct. I get it, sexually appealing is good.

After all, we are human, still animal inside, human outside. That bipedalism is the only thing that distinguishes us and animals, kind of.

Why do I bring this topic up? Is it wrong with choosing someone simply just arouses your libido? No, you can do whatever you want.

It’s common and prevalent for humans to choose their partner from simply appearance and the “sexually appealing” things.

The cells in your body are tingling and lusting for more and better cells, to copulate and reproduce next better generation.

Men and women come together, sometimes, out of simplicity, just for the “sexually appealing” part. You look handsome, you look beautiful, let’s have a relationship and start together.


Recently, as Feminism growing stronger and stronger, “objectification” is pretty frequent as a word. Not taking the feminist version of objectification, but my take on this objectification.

If, the sole purpose of women is having sex, then, there’s no point in having a woman. At least by your side all day long, as a girlfriend, or a wife.

It’s strange, how this whole women thing works.

More or less, the objectification is real, but inevitable. You want a woman without the “womanized” part, it’s hard and kind of impossible.

So relationships run down to objectification?

That’s a rather strong suggestion.

Few women, at the very least, fit into the logical, intuitive thinking brain mode of men. Well, you can call them intelligent women.

Thing is, not every woman is intelligent, and the number of this, is small. You can’t deny that.

Simply, I want to say, the common women way of thinking is just plain and drastic different from men. They would focus on trivial details, and they would have sophisticated thoughts on them, but hardly do they ever binge into the big picture. I’m not saying being meticulous is bad, it’s a good thing that we can have this mindset guarding our men’s backs.

Just explaining the general difference between men and women. But human race is diverse, so can’t generalize everyone of them being “feminine” or “masculine”.


I think a normal and simple relationship more or less would come down to the segment of “sexually appealing”. You like them simply because you like them, there’s no extra thoughts into that, I can understand.

My goal relationship is being as tacit bonded as possible. The link and the connection between two people are the best. I don’t really like not knowing someone very much and jump into a relationship with her. And she must know me very well while we’re in a relationship. That’s what I call a bond. A tacit understanding. The thing that while you move your forearm she would close up on you, like a Waltz perfectly danced.

To me, mentally appealing is more important on this regard. Sexually appealing is sexually appealing, I can’t deny I like it. But just like that, the purpose of women shouldn’t be sex and sex alone. The idea of being this sex tool is horrific and objectifying. “Your lovely girlfriend can only spread out her legs and show you the paradise.” While you don’t find any other connections on her, this she’s on you and you’re not on her, is fucked up. Vice versa.

To my observation, it’s possible men would show sympathy and grow love onto women acting this way. Like I’m saying not all men function under that logical and intuitive way of thinking. Are men all that powerful and talented and intelligent? Hell no, intelligent always belongs to that small number of people.

My point is, the grasping of this kind of relationship couldn’t provide you anything more than the regular, normal sex and love.

Love is complicated, so can sex. Normal love is simple, I understand.

Men have their sex drive, so do women. However we are sentient beings, body pleasure is a stimulant, but we do take mental pleasure too.

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