Edgy Doesn’t Equal Cool

Being edgy, as much as it sounds like it, does not induce coolness at all.

I can understand how this abnormality can somehow catch people’s hearts, but being edgy is just edgy. It doesn’t make you cool or whatever.

The kids who attempt suicide, and the kids who attempt suicide for cool. They are totally two different things, one is helpless and one is unsavable.

This kind of edgy shit is fucked up. The one who has gone through real pain would understand what the torment means to them, either there is a future or not. It’s heavy, deep and complicated. Making all this a cosmetic accessory is desecrated. Just like how the Pepsi ad went viral and getting tons of flame and criticisms.

Respect, is what we all need as human beings. The respect to things you don’t understand, the certain respect to other people’s miseries. You don’t mimic from them, you don’t mock at them.

Edgy is edgy, that’s all. Don’t try to be edgy and using this as a tool or method to get you more attention, because you stand out as the only edgy fuck in a group or society. Distinction.

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