Contemporary Struggle

Life ain’t fair. You start from where you start from and you may have a lot of hurdles other people don’t. So what. Your journey is utterly unique to you and nobody else will ever understand your personal struggles or what success looks like for you.

I often think that, if we could actually see the gifts and hindrances each person began with, we might completely revise our idea of what success is, or who is actually heroic.

–From Redditor VasquezLives

I read this on a Reddit thread, and I can completely relate to.

We are all pilgrims in the way of achieving greater good. I have put into tons of efforts and dedication, you didn’t see it and you couldn’t possibly see it, so don’t judge me.

This world prefers result than process. We harddoers, nobody understands the pains we have to undergo, and we still are here, continuing what is meaningful to us.

People that defy us, those who deny us, and those who look down on us. They think our problems are not the only problem the world got, they think there are people suffering worse problems than us.

True, but you don’t understand, and you will never understand untill you have come across the same problem, the same hindrance, the same struggle as ours.

So you don’t have the right to judge us.

These people are sheep and cancer, they are the one without any trouble, they are the one who like to stand tall and judge everyone.

I have been delving into the origins of morality–what defines a good and what defines an evil?

The answer is still vague but I believe the world starts without them. This mere simple-headed thinking is true cancerous to us human beings. How today’s people think there is this white and the opposite is only black.

“The standard of defining heroic.” We are the slaves of pop culture, that makes us mindless flies that follow whatever mainstream is telling us.

Current education is emphasizing on critical thinking and thinking individually, and that’s a good thing. However, the problem might even be how this is actually practiced and how does it affect people’s minds?

How many left do we still need to teach them these skills? And how do we make the world less stupid? Is probably the contemporary struggle.

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