Current Trending Technologies That Worth Investing

1. VR

VR has been around for a decade, the earliest report that I knew about VR is the Microsoft Hololens. And the project started at 2005 around.

If having enough money, investing on VR would be a pretty good choice.

2. AR

Apple is trying to venture into the Augmented Reality, as the latest iPhone X shows its AR ability. AR is also a pretty cool concept, and I think the next public entertainment would utilize this tech the best and the most. Like movies, concerts, music etc.

3. Drones

Portable flying device–drones. I think this is not new, it’s been pretty trendy in the past few years. Amazon and some Chinese companies are pretty ahead of the current mainstream.

4. GPS Automatic Cars/Taxis

It’s 100% going to be the near future. Elon Musk’s Tesla models are already developing this feature. Google and Uber are also stepping into this field. Google had developed their Waymo cars, that are completely automatic and can take people around the neighborhood.

5. Blockchain

Exterminator of current banking system. The more people use Bitcoins, the more likely Bitcoin is going to become the common currency of the world.

Blockchain will help achieve that. But what’s more, Blockchain will forever turn our current financial market upside down. All the financial media can leave now, as Blockchain is going to tackle the “distrust” issue between strangers.


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