Entrepreneurship Between China and the United States

China has become a warm womb to spur entrepreneurships in the past few years, and we have seen many companies startups from China flourishing in the past decade.

What, would be the differences from another world entrepreneur crib–the United States?

Silicon Valley, is most renowned for its endless entrepreneurship. Many software startups came from here and have grown their businesses into conglomerates of today’s world economy. The soft startups.

China, on the other hand. Shenzhen, is the womb of many hardware companies. Many Chinese firms and companies start from here and have substantially grown their businesses. The hard startups.

US government has been encouraging startups for years, this not only includes softwares but many other–entertainment, materials etc.

For example, in gaming industry, US government has greatly subsidized startup studios. Many studios benefit from these big sums of money from government so that they can keep on living and creating.

China, has been a great place to do startup in recent years. A famous example would be the Mobike sharing bicycles.

The idea is good enough, but what makes it impressive is that the whole startup only took 2 years to finish. In two years, the founder has been funded from investors all over China 30 million yuan. The startup is a success. And the execution speed is surprisingly fast. Not just the funding process, how the founder has founded her own factories and chains of production to produce the bikes and this whole thing has cumulated attention from all over China.

China, is a place to startup because its chains of production is mature. As the World Factory, China has all types of chains of production. If one is non-existent, just pick some from other chains and simply assemble one.

All you need in China is actually a circle of “friends”–so called investors, and connections. Things can happen in China fast, and really fast.

This video has explained pretty well for how Shenzhen has become a womb for entrepreneurship.

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