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Earlier this year, Twitch has launched its new subscription model–Twitch Prime. I think the first ever game that had that reward linked to Twitch Prime is Overwatch? For that, Blizzard had even launched a new loot box, the golden loot box which you will only get from being a Twitch Prime member.

Recently, I got so addicted to this Warframe game, which also links to Twitch Prime and with some subscription rewards.

This subscription model has been on trend for some time now. The Twitch Prime is kind of the combination of subscription model and loot box model.

Many small or middle businesses have started to use this loot box model, which you will only need to pay a small sum of money monthly, and receive a loot box that’s hand packed with all sorts of stuff from the seller. Magazines do this, some online businesses do this, it’s a very popular business model at the moment.

Subscription shouldn’t be new, but this model has come to some new areas that didn’t use it before. Newspaper, magazines, or simply some monthly or annual service. They’re all subscription, and it’s a constant income source. This at least would solve the problem that sometimes businesses would have downtime and the sales isn’t going expected. The new areas would be online services, some self-publish media and others. People start to use this model as a kind of salary.

Twitch Prime combines both of these two into this newer model. But the reason why Twitch is promoting this makes me curious.

Twitch has been bought by Amazon in 2014. And basically these past 5 years or so, Amazon has always been dedicated on promoting their Amazon Prime.

Twitch Prime is just a shell for the Amazon Prime. Since they both link.

At this moment, online streaming service worldwide, no one beats Unless you’re talking about some Chinese streaming firms. Other than that, every rest of the world uses Twitch. Twitch monetizes kind of under the Turbo “VIP” membership, the service that can eliminate ads and boost your profile and expand more features on the website. The website also monetizes from ads revenue, and probably a small percentage of money from streamers, whose livelihoods are dependent on the site.

So in this case, Twitch should be well profiting. Then the launch for Twitch Prime seems a bit unreasonable. But, heck, human greed never stops.

I think the main reason behind this thingy is because of Amazon Prime, how they want to promote their service. Hence the linking.

But this whole Prime thing has created a giant business network. How every game, publisher, producer benefit from this, and how complicated this network is.

Overwatch has already established their Twitch Prime bundle. And Warframe also. Players all can receive something from being a registered member of Twitch Prime. This thing just goes on and on and on, keeps on making money. A very smart-ass tactic from Amazon.



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