Game Industry Is Gradually Shifting to Competitive Mode

eSports is nothing new now. Every year, game industry has poured many resources into making new games competitive.

From the recent Ubisoft massive multiplayer games, to some old competitive games like CS, Dota.

It does occur to the conglomerates of video game industry that if you can keep players on the game long enough, the bigger the revenue for you to be.

EA, for the recent years, is shipping so many multiplayer games that consist of micro-transactions, loot boxes and DLCs. Same goes for the other industry giants like Ubisoft, Activision, Blizzard, Epic.

It almost feels strange that Japanese video game corporations didn’t take a hint from current trend. For the likes like Sony, Square Enix and Capcom. They are still making “play it once” games that consist of single player plot and mechanism.

However, apparently, going competitive is the way for many video game developers, even indies. You can see many indie-made multiplayer games on Steam have competitive mode. Rocket League, PUBG, Rust etc.

Making the game competitive, apparently can boost players’ continuity on the game. There are many psychological reasons behind it. Basically every player plays in a certain game would a circle of his own, and he would want to climb higher in the rank so that he can show off his skills to his fellows. And sometimes, there’s that whenever you’re in a game, you would have many other players play with you. You would also want to show off your skills, uniqueness to them. Just like skins, special items in games.

Casually playing the game apparently can not satisfy the market anymore. It appears that human’s nature also prevails in video games–competitive.

And that’s the reason why eSports is going bigger and bigger each year. From League of Legends’ annual world championship, to CS, Dota, Overwatch, Battlefield, Call of Duty’s eSports tournaments.

The substantial profits from all these tournaments are huge. Many investors from other fields have joined eSports to grow their wealth. So currently, it’s a really good time to invest some of your money into eSports and wait for a return. 

As long as the world is not in a huge turbulence, entertainment industries are always going to flourish and grow. The gifts of peaceful era.

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