The Skies of Communist Countries and Capitalist Countries, Literally

It’s dumb, to completely separate countries like this, seems like a Cold War parody.

But, I’m here just want to point out something I find peculiar, about the two ideologies’ skies, literally.

I grow up in China, so it’s no news to me that the sky is always grey. Occurred to me that it’s a consequence of constant pollution.

Later I traveled to Russia. A post-socialist country, and I find it incredibly reminiscent that their sky looks like ours! In Moscow, in St. Petersburg. Deja vu.

I was rather marveled on the similarity of the skies. I didn’t think too much.

Until recently, I looked at some North Korean pictures captured their capital’s sky and the street view. It feels suspicious that their sky, is almost identical to ours.

I don’t get it.

To Cuba. Another country that is under the communist rule. Any photograph I find for the street view of the country, also presents a weirdly grey filter on them. Which you will never feel or find on US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, sometimes even India.

You can call them photogenic, but I don’t really understand the reasons behind this.

Cuba looks much prettier than China, and North Korea. I think that might be the result of over-pollution. But I don’t really know why west Russia and Cuba also carry this kind of like, a filter or something, that their skies and air just don’t look like anything clear. There are always something, particles, I don’t know, in the air.

Like is it even reasonable? I don’t even know if there’s a logical and scientific answer to this situation.

Just my observation, and I find it quite weird.

And also, I need to point out citizens in communist countries look much alike. In US, France, UK, these countries their people act very differently. But I find many resemblances from us like countries: typically life styles, how people act and react, and how that feels to outsiders.

I can’t really pinpoint many exact behaviors, but I can provide some.

For example, I notice that Chinese netizens (people online) love to reply back to anyone who talks to them. Same goes for Russians.

At the start, I thought it was an East Asian thing? That Asians like to use their phones and social media to communicate. But later I find that absurd.

Well it’s a generalization, it’s not everyone. But just some of my observations.

Is there a psychological reason behind this, I can only take a wild guess.

People living in these countries feel miserable, they are pressed and they don’t really have a good vent. Generally, they don’t live happily. And miserable persons react much exaggeratedly than people live happily.

Just a wild guess, there’s no scientific proofs of this. But on an experience level, my guesses always turn out to be true.

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