To Dreamers

I tend to think that kids born into average family have to work on their own.

Their future is not determined by their parents, is it good? No, of course not, being independent is pretty much a must road for children like this.

If you were born wealthy, your life road may be determined by your parents. Some people argue that a set future is not a free future. True. But world works on this inheritance system, where old money always win.

New money, are a much frequent phenomenon in this era. Technological booms make it possible to “rich overnight”. We’ve seen many stories talking about people getting sudden fame, wealth or influence.

The viral explosion of “e-” has helped many people get what they want instantly than the ones who work hard all the time.

Born into an average family, is a blessing. You experience some mundane life that people in the lowest and top couldn’t have. However, it’s also a curse. A curse that many young talented people couldn’t stretch the best out of them because of the resources they don’t have.

Many people start from zero.

Zero is not horrifying, what’s horrifying is the road to become ONE.

I’ve read many people posting on /r/findapath on Reddit that they want some big changes, either it’s themselves or to the community. However it’s hard to achieve because the hiccups would be insufficient fund, no connections, or unskillful.

Many dreamers out there, that are trying to become what they aspire and what the real life needs.

These hiccups shouldn’t be impregnable obstacles to greatness. There are many young and full of dreams people out there. I’m also a dreamer. That’s why we work so hard to try to defeat whatever that’s in our ways.

Resource, is one hell of problem. Although many people start small, they don’t have as much information as people who are experienced. Resources, are always important no matter what stage you’re at.

Information, fund, a collective team, management skills are all what’s called resources.

Wisely picking these things out of everyday life should be the priority of dreamers.

And don’t aim too high. Dreamers always have high hope of what they could achieve and what they want to become. However, in reality, it’s much more possible to do than dream.

A high hope can’t be done in short-term, only should you think about what resources are on hand is the best solution for you current troubles.

Do is much harder than think. You need to have all the positions ready, coordination, and you can do what you have thought of.

Apparently, in this world, physical components are much more important than mental ones. Even though the world is pushed forward by people who can dream, but meanwhile they are able-men and women.

Start dreaming, and start resourcing.





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