Human Machines

Since the invention of machine, Industrial Revolution has changed human’s life once and for all.

Factories, have become the new engine of this new era. Either the literal factories or figurative factories.

I see modern world has shaped people’s lives into billions of machines that work endlessly nonstop.

Before the time, we weren’t this desperate to get anything. Because we simply couldn’t, we didn’t have the means. Now, the means are all served, you can get what you want as long as you have the resources.

Before time, feudalism never really opened up many access for mundane folks, even some very rich peasants could not possibly become a noble.

When productivity had grown up, wealth became a much more potent way to acquire anything. Whereas before that, birth and background would represent your social position and influence most of your activities.

I’d say the advancement of civilization did do a good job on the fairness for the common folks, opening up more access for them than ever before.

A drastic social shift happened. The common folks rose to the top of the social chain, people could become their own owners, having their own wealth that was once never able to acquire. Capitalists, workers, officers. A new order had formed. The old kings with old money had shifted into the top of the social ladder, new comers able persons with new money had also flowed into the circle as well.

The peasants, on the other hand, become the new “vast majority” of the new order. It seemed that the new order required new blood for it to function–human machines.

Peasant were never required to have education, to read, to work as instructed, to learn. New order had required them to do so. Government opened up schools, universities for common folks to hone their skills and be useful in the new blood. This change has turned people into machines one after another.

However, this format has yet to change in centuries.

Dehumanize humans into machines because we have yet to develop fully automatic machines?

For now, we are entering a much more augmented era than ever before. To fill up the vacancies of “fully auto machines”, we use humans. Thus days and nights, all year, nonstop, the social machine has almost devoured everyone. People become numb, become more and more robotic, repeating the same job everyday, degraded into mere objects by “the order”.

Those on top don’t care about the people who work under. No wonder Marx thought of being radical and revolutionary to change the status quo. Unfortunately, the scene hasn’t changed in hundreds of years.

Think about this. Any business, or organization, workers are manpower. Just like war, soldiers are manpower. You need more manpower to finish bigger projects. If the manpower is not enough, you fill them up. Because humans are always abundant. If the manpower is more than enough, you cut them off. Because humans are nothing more than a number.

This does not only limit to corporate affairs, even though they practice this at a regular basis. The dehumanization is real, and it happens to basically everyone as long as you entered a machine-like organization.

Any factory, they will just function day by day day by day, until the company bankrupts. It doesn’t even matter who’s actually running the company and factory. It’s a matter of time, good manager makes it alive longer, bad manager kills it quick.

I came to think about this when I saw my mom had to go work overtime even when she was ill, it made me sad.

What Marx advocates is leisure. As much leisure as possible. I think he may also saw the situation back in 18th or 19th century, how workers had no rights of their own work and they were forced to work harder by employers. It hasn’t changed much.

This machine-like system, has produced the vast majority of our consumables, products, entertainment. It won’t stop. And it has no goal, no end either.

Just like the goods in a supermarket, you will never see an empty shelf. And they will never announce to you that there is an end date for a popular product. As long as the said company doesn’t go bankrupt, the product would pop up every single mother fucking day.


Why do we keep working until the day we die? Doing the same repetitive work every single day? The procedures never change. Why are we just like slaves enchained in a big huge cage, we seem like guinea pigs that work for someone else’s pleasure. Marx’s opinion is rather radical, he thinks that “the people” that order us are evil, those capitalists, those who possess the means of production.

I can’t say that everyone is the same. Someone takes pleasure in working repetitively every single day. But I am a guy that objects, simply refuses the repetitive unchangeable events, I desire changes, and surprises, discoveries that I have never experienced before.

You gradually lose more interests into opening up new portals, new milestones, in this long dreadful exhausting run of your “good life”.

I couldn’t possibly get it, “the good life”, “d good life”. That you just be tossing around like a toy, you don’t matter, you are just nothing but one cog of millions of others in a giant nonstop machine that forces everyone inside to spin, to accelerate, to become who they are not.

This is depressing.

I wouldn’t enforce the blame on “capitalists”, I think the problems are much more inside the system. How people’s constant greed and desires just can not be fulfilled and satisfied; how people don’t seem to have a goal for whatever they actually need, vanity is still deeply ingrained in human nature; how since the invention of machine, the world has turned into a titan machine. Wonders.

With the era of automation coming, this kind of scene could be “once and for all”. Automation would change everything, because there will be no humans anymore to do the repetitive work, robots are.

But the core doesn’t change, it’s still a machine.

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