Some Feelings from the Recent Internet Ban in China


In the second half of 2017, China’s Internet to outside ports start to have much slower speed. Knowing that government policies are changing and Chairman Xi is imposing a total net ban–gradually reducing the fluidity of Internet and closing ports, shutting down VPN companies in China.

Allegedly, from Bloomberg’s report, China is going to have a full VPN shutdown in the first half of coming year.

Just last month, October here in China, many local services are shut down. Possibly due to the recent started 19th National Congress. Services like changing your personal information on Wechat and Weibo, chat function on Baidu, and some very big forums are completely shut down. And all state the same reason–maintaining the features for a month.

It should be no surprise for Chinese.

The point where it goes strange, is that general users are getting limited but businesses are not.

Looks like the one belt one road initiative still needs the Chinese international companies’ work.

But apparently Internet suppression in China has been tightened even more in the past few years.


Meantime, many Chinese people are going aboard. And apparently there’s a huge portion of immigrants. People who left for Canada, US, UK and other western countries.

I have been stressing this issue for quite a long time now. Many Chinese elites and experts are leaving the country, carrying massive amount of money overseas. The country’s wealth is already not enough for the vast majority, the more wealth these top 5% collected, the more loss Chinese normal people would suffer.

China is definitely not weak, its economic state is growing as fast as it can. One belt one road is a good sign that the country is striving for economic dominance.

Apparently, on the outside, the country’s diplomacy is always trying to stay as mild and open as possible. It’s what keeps its businesses going.

But on the inside, people in the country are being oppressed. It’s really a paradoxical move by the party.

Which means that whoever wants to enjoy the freedom of both, needs to find his own way out of the predicament.

As the world today is getting closer and closer, nothing acts like 10 years 20 years ago, while people still enjoyed their own cultures and circles. International influence play a big part in today’s affairs, which would interfere people’s valuation.

I can’t explain the paradoxical nature of Chinese Communist Party, it’s been this way for a very long time.

While expecting the Internet ban would get severer in the next year, I stare at blank on the ceiling.

Are the words, true? “Only a small portion of people can think, and a smaller ones can think and act.”

People who live in the other side of the globe should utilize the resources and become better persons, not the ones they used to be in the original country.

I’ve seen many overseas Chinese and those new immigrants are completely different from the old immigrants. They are, in some words, very “Chinese”, in a bad way. The old immigrants give you the Chinese Chinese feeling, inherited the legacy and culture from the China. Not “the China” right now.


Over the years, Chinese people’s lives are getting better. They are richer, wealthier and have more access to education than decades ago.

What hasn’t changed is their mindset, attitude towards things happen around them.

This creates rather a strange dimension. For people growing up in China, we know that decades ago people felt real, contacts felt real. Now, nothing really hit you as hard as real anymore. Reality consists of a big chunk of fakery. And this habit is brought out to foreign countries, with those new immigrants.

Valuation is so important that it founds the base of a culture. If the culture is lost, then valuation is lost too.

People in China are stuck in a vortex that they have trouble finding their own culture, and their own valuation.

Teenagers in China are obsessed with “western culture”, the one which gives them the bling bling, the one which stimulates them to be “cool”. However, due to the country’s censorship on information, these people only see “one side” of the object, the beautiful side.

It’s like Pepsi’s riot ad, which gives you the perception that “things look good are good”, but fail to actually grab your head and show you how cruelsome and bloody a riot can get.

With the time growing, people would form an actual habit on viewing things from the western–they all look good and we need that. This is what is most lost in China, the young ones, the people who chase the rainbow.


Real world is a mess. Too many voices, too many groups. No matter how garbage a man can be, he/she can always find his/her group. Real world, is already an amount of fakery and truth bound together. But I think, when would a time be lost? It’s when all real people start to silence and falter back, let the world be dominated by lies, deception and fakery. That’s when a time is lost.

The society should be regressing by the time. But real world is complicated, I can’t figure why China hasn’t regressed.

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