The Way of Business

I personally always think that in the business industry, the people in need are more or less with the traits of being sly and smart.

Business, they say.

My life time experience with business is that you can’t trust them, on any level, you just can’t.

Because everything here is too simple, and too superficial.

Business requires you to make rash decisions, which would drive up sales. As long as customers make rash decisions to buy something, the seller profits. ...READ MORE

Thoughts on Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps

So far I’m into the Step 10?

Some people think that Tai’s products are scam, that he’s a con artist or some sort.

The 67 Steps is… in some way going to help you, in some way not.

So let’s talk about the steps I’ve already listened to. Basically, even in Step 10, he’s still talking about the “millionaire mentality”–the mindset, how billionaires, millionaires think. ...READ MORE

Gender War: Why Extreme? Appreciation and the Happy Middle Ground

So the typical view on women is this submissive, sexy and easily manipulated figure. Most men desire this type of women, and they brashly entitle themselves as alpha–something that women like, aggressiveness, assertiveness.

They feel like wolves hunting down sheep-like women, one after another, the booty is the women like above would gladly open their legs for them. The traditional and stereotypical men and women relationship. ...READ MORE

Functions of Education

Philosophy, well, it’s an interesting subject. It should be listed into the high school subjects rather than a university course.

In my high school years, in China, we were taught 9 major subjects that are closely tied to mechanical science: Chinese, English, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History and Politics (Communist Propaganda Subject).

Other subjects like Music, Arts and even Sports were totally neglected, in the long process of pursuing laurel in the final examination. ...READ MORE

Always Ask Too Much but Give Little

Most of my close male friends got their girlfriends by doing nothing. People around me seem really capable and women just thrown themselves at them.

But they all got the same idea after dating awhile, they don’t feel like it’s a necessity to have a girlfriend. Or that, they are not really in love.

Demanding and clinging are the typical traits of today’s women. I know I’m generalizing them, but take it as a stereotype. I know there are women out there who aren’t like this. ...READ MORE

The Chain for Greed, A More Human Approach to Contemporary Problems

Greed is a beast that forever lusts anything.

Some say that capitalism is dead–it’s consuming the society. The rich become richer, the poor become poorer, and there don’t seem a way to pause this repulsion between the two extremes.

Charity, philanthropy, some suggests. But this is not some action that every rich person, every conglomerate would do while they enjoy everything money can bring them. ...READ MORE

Questions and Education

Questions. And questions. We all have questions when we face the unknown.

Asking questions is the most basic rationality function a human has—if you have rationality, you ask.

I think there’s a huge mistake in education these days. Something that distorts the essence of education, that skews the understanding of knowledge.

There are, two types of education. One is lecturing, the other is transiting concepts. There are some crucial differences between these two types of education. ...READ MORE