10 Types of Women

1. The Mainstream Type

The type appeals to most men, she appears in every media form and oftentimes the female protagonist. She’s loving, caring, understanding. And being submissive and emotional. We all think this type of girl is prevalent, but apparently it’s dead wrong. They are, not, that common. Otherwise how are they the protagonist?

2. The Girly Woman

This type of women is when a girl hasn’t grown up to be a true woman but her physical age is selling her out. The girly woman is not a grownup and simply they still need tons of care to “function” normally. And being a little girl, this means they are vulnerable, innocent and needy.

3. The Woman Woman

The woman women constitute the vast majority of women. Generally, they are what we call “women”. They are very women, feminine. A little bit self-central and love to show off to friends whenever possible. They are shallow sometimes, and probably most of the time, but they keep their vulnerable emotional selves aside, because they have learned a lot from their own experiences. But still, whenever possible, they would lower down the defense and let someone peek into their vulnerabilities, and let out their emotional side casually. Warn you, the time a woman being emotional is very frequent and they often mistake who to let in.

They are women, they act women. They would be your little submissive wife whenever needed. If they deem advantages are bigger than disadvantages, they would happily accept superficial things like money, appearance, power and many other things. They are vulnerable to aggressiveness but judgemental to many things. (This pretty much explains itself, because they are vulnerable they judge anything that comes to them first. Being aggressive would penetrate this judgement real quick.) They want to be protected as much as possible, they value men being the social norm men very much, being protective and strong. They would lie their heads onto you occasionally to feel the prowess of men.

They are women.

4. The Princess Woman

Well the princess type is more or less the “spoiled girly woman”. They are still not grownup however this immaturity backfires and makes them princesses one another. They ask too much and always are asking. The women side of them have been overly magnified and needs become overdramatic.

You are actually not dating them, you are serving them. A chamberlain, to be frank.

5. The Too Far Away Type

Well she’s either too lower than you or too higher. The higher ones we call them “out of my league”, but the lower ones are just too much of a fangirl. These women exist realistically around you, but the real amount of times you have contacts with them are low. The reason is simple, the social position you’re in currently mismatches with both of them. The only way to reduce the distance is to move your social position closer to them.

And generally, “too far away” can also point to women who are not in the same circle as yours. To approach them, you need to jump out of your comfort zone and understand their worlds. It’s hard, you need to be openminded.

6. The Polite Type

You feel really good around her, because she’s so elegant and polite. She smiles at you multiple times far away and you can catch the scent, it makes you feel that she’s that little bit into you. You feel swell lately knowing this person in your life. Whenever you guys hang out, she always shows you what courtesy means and how important is human decency.

But, when you try to get her on a date, you never really can get one from her, other than her polite refusals. You wonder what went wrong?

Come on bro, no girl is polite when she’s into you.

7. The Crazy Type

All women are more or less crazy. “If she ain’t crazy, you crazy.” This type exceeds the normal acceptable level of craziness, they are far too crazy, mad.

They stand out so distinctively from any other girl they are in with. They could be tomboys, lesbians, emos, goths or anything. Not the usual type you would see in a woman. And they don’t seem approachable.

8. The Gold Digger

No more explanation needed.

9. The Girlfriend

Cheer you up, be your friend. Most crucially, she helps bring the better out of you. You two grow together. She’s either your shadow or you’re shadowing her, you both learn from each other. A good complementation.

10. The Keeper, the Wife

She’s such an inspirational figure that you decided to marry her and start an eternal learning journey with her. The wife material can be spotted from multiple angles, whenever a woman shows following signs, take heed:

She’s lovely but shows much of class. She’s also very protective when it comes to your vulnerabilities. She cares about you and stays with you when you need it the most. She loves your soul. She’s cute and loving and caring. She knows your ambitions, she’s firmly behind you whenever you accomplish great feats. She has her own opinions, she doesn’t take others’ opinions lightly or blindly echoes with them, she’s the one you meet when you need consultancy. She’s unique, you know it when you first met her. She stands out so well you start to think is this the female protagonist type you rarely see? She exceeds the boundary of women but still a woman inside.

Women are all far too women. She exceeds this common connotation, she’s become the exact goal you chase after, the superhuman dream. You chase after her so tightly that you’re first time in your life afraid to be lost. You’re so afraid that after her, there won’t be a second one. She’s everything you’re chasing after, hell you even want to become her. She bestows knowledge onto you, teaches you things you don’t know, helps you become better, more complete.

As if God is listening, he vouchsafed an angel to you.

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