Racism—If You Think It’s Racist, It’s Racist

Racism, a word that’s prevalent these days. There is no objective racism, only subjective.

Whenever you are making race a big deal, it’s racist. Emphasizing race this action is racist.

The initiative of racism is to treat every soul equal—race, gender, sexuality anything that objectifies a human. It’s a beautiful wish, but very impractical.

Behind every race, is culture that you can hardly move. Discrimination is a human feature, people discriminate whenever possible.

Let’s talk about the emphasizing thing. The heart of racism relies much on how an event is handled, where the emphasis is. If the emphasis is on characters, it’s not racism, if it’s on race, it’s racism. Whenever you put race in front of everything, it’s racism.

Let’s say Asian people like to hang around with Asians. That’s racist. Because it emphasizes too much on race. Asian people advertising for Panda Express? Racist. Asian people and Panda Express both are racial representatives.

A black rapper is beaten by a white rapper. Racist. Because you are emphasizing too much on the race not the human.

There’s basically no winner in front of racism. Everyone can be crowned a racist. Equal identity is the core of racism, but racism ignores most of what brings identity inequality. Every race is a culture of its own. To treat everyone equal is a wishful thinking, but neglecting reality is blatant ignorance. Sometimes, it’s even worse to be ignorant than racist.

If you think it’s racist, it’s racist. As simple as it can get. Racism’s never objective, only subjective.

And most racism activists would advocate on diversity, but they fail to understand what brings unsettling. Many people believe that diversity can ease off racism, but that’s just the contrary.

Generally, the smallest unsettling is when there’s a predominant culture present, every other culture benefits from this predominant culture. The weaker the predominant gets, the more unsettling would happen. Put it in a figure way, a 90% dominant culture and every other small culture are best combination. It presents stability. A 60% dominant culture and every other culture are a less stable situation. A 30-30-30% culture combination only provokes wars. And by that I mean three very distinct cultures, not some cultures that can still relate to familiarity like European countries. And apparently, that’s what’s happening right now in North America, Europe and Oceania. This is one of the downsides of globalization, you put too much distinctive people together in a circle.

That’s why when it comes to immigration policy, government should do more work on accepting whom into the country. Right now US government values skills and expertise more than cultures, because they believe assimilation. However, US is a culture of multiple cultures mashed together, there isn’t a predominant culture ever. This is the problem of colonization. In the future, when we send people outside of Earth, we still need to deal with this. Humans are geographical creatures. People make their histories, cultures, languages on the lands bear them. If we really need to send people outside of Earth and prevent racism, we better send them while they’re babies.

Globalization worsens the racism situation, but in the foreseeable future, it might lightens the conflicts. As humans are always in conflicts and assimilation, in today’s world we are trying to accomplish one of the greatest human feats—uniting people together no matter their race, gender or sexuality. The unity is what we need in the near future that we have to face. To that day, everyone on Earth can be proud to call himself or herself a human, rather than a nationality, a culture or a race.

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