Reaction Mechanism

In our world, the population consists of 60-70% of S people and 20-30% of N people, Sense and Intuition. This data is taken from the MBTI test on general population.

Reaction Mechanism, this is something I call when it comes to differentiate S and N.

I didn’t feel the necessity to talk about this because most people are S people, they don’t listen to reasoning. Thus even if I explain this concept to them it would be futile.

Generally, MBTI differentiates people from N to S on how they look at the world. N people like to scale things up, using a much macro-level view on the world. S people sense the world, here’s what I introduce this “reaction mechanism”.

Why do I call it reaction mechanism? Essentially, S people react to the world. They don’t form opinions, they react. This is the crucial difference between S and N people. N people analyze the world. When events happen, N people’s first instinct is to understand it first, then analyze it, later deconstruct it and either better understand it or find a solution. However, when events happen to S people, they react upon it.

911. If you check the old footages of 911 taken nearby the ground zero, you hear people screaming when the collapse happened. Those people instinctively hurry away from the ground zero. Not just the screaming, people cursing, complaining and everything. Some people on the ground at the time was analyzing and predicting that the burning building was about to collapse if nothing had been done.

People just react. They react towards whatever happens onto them. If it’s detrimental, they move away, if it’s beneficial, they move in. However you never see them making any initiative, any subjective judgment.

This kind of behavior reminds me of something I learned in my Biology class—the single-cell species react to the environment, because they don’t have any complex nerve system. Humans also have reacting mechanism which is called “reflex”. But on a more social level, it’s a Reaction Mechanism, compared to the biological counterpart “reflex”. But some other people don’t behave in this way, they don’t have this kind of reaction mechanism functioning in their heads when events happened.

When dealing with S people, it’s more of an emotional approach than a logical one. Emotions are reactions. They come from your heart. And logics on the other hand come from your head. Modern education brags about teaching people reasoning and logics, reality checks out, they failed the mission.

The population composition is a tricky one, is it possible to make more people into N genre through education? Or is it a fixed ratio?

This term applies to general public. The mainstream. So whenever it’s commercializing, promoting or anything appeals to the general public, you can use this idea. Because you’re actually trying to appeal the 70%, they are the mass. And uh…. They love to react.

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