Expressive and Passive Societies

Through my years of experiences with US and China, I would analogize US to a very expressive young man. And China, as a very introverted and passive middle-aged guy.

The analogy can also be applied to East Asian cultures, and NA cultures. Whereas I don’t find the expressiveness quite come from European countries like France, UK or Germany. They would be more “discreet”, or low-key.

This expressiveness only preserves in NA cultures, American and Canadian people love to talk about stuff. Love to criticize their politicians, love to discuss trending subjects etc. Things… get more straightforward on lands like this.

When you travel the world, you’d like to find differences between the countries and your own motherland. Understanding the destination countries’ characteristics and compare them to yours.

Most of the time people discuss countries alike, or unlike, they base on the cultures behind. However, even though there are concrete evidence of distinctive cultures, I still find people, general folks are more or less the same, on a microscopic level.

Expressiveness exerts aggressiveness, ideas, opinions and possible conflicts. And passiveness endures basically all these things. When a society, the whole society, is in passive mode, people in it would present a more slave-like work style. They look upon people for guidance, they don’t come up with ideas their own, and they like to wait for some other people to take initiatives.

The good thing about expressiveness is that it’s more straightforward, thus things can happen really fast. Even conflicts, they happen fast and gone fast. This expressiveness helps bring out problems, and accelerates solving them. The warmonger type of mentality.

However, due to this type of aggressiveness and assertion, conflicts appear frequently. There are millions of people trying to “solve problems”, in a society like this.

So, basically on the upside, it brings out problems and solves them quick. Progress the society. The downside, people would get agitated often and bring up fights. It’s like talking to someone whose mouth has a time bomb.

If you want some examples, Civil War is a good example. Today’s racism is also a good example. People just can’t take it in their stomachs, they have to let it out.

Well passive society is a total different view. As earlier I have spoken about, people live a more slave-like style. Everything you need someone else do it for you.

They stick their problems in their stomachs, they don’t bring up about it. “It’s fine as long as we can get it over with, we don’t care about whether it works properly or efficiently. As long as it’s fine between you and me, it’s fine.”

This type of mentality doesn’t provoke anything, people are so durable and rubber band like.

That’s why it’d be typical to see a character oftentimes in East Asian cultures—忍. It’s the nin, from ninja. Basically, “endure”. “Just take it, shut up, be a stoic, if it’s gonna pass this time, you can make it pass next time.” The mentality of endurance. If you check out Japanese meaning of the word “ninja”, you will see these people are originally spies/assassins trained for enduring heavy interrogations, punishments and physical injuries. In China, we don’t have occupation like ninja, (we have, but they are technically assassins) but the people virtually understand how to endure and the need to endure. From either the government, the superior, any unfair treaties, any bullshit happen in the society. You endure, you win. “I can’t guarantee you to live through, but if you keep it in your belly, just like everyone else, you are gonna live through.” Says the ruler to its populace.

It’s not a modern mentality, it’s a mentality throughout the history of the land. The populace on the land always end up getting fucked, by their rulers, by natural disasters, by things they can’t control. And at the end of the day, they are tired, they tell the next ruler: “As long as you don’t take away our necessities, let us live, you can do whatever you want.” And that marks the day the society becomes total passive (or, you know, fucked.)

This explains why in the 4000 years of China’s history, revolutionary societal changes rarely took place. One thing to the population being very submissive and passive, and the other would be emperors reigned/reined fine.

This passiveness on the upside, is that people can live harmoniously (or is it?), fewer conflicts but slow society progress or more stable. The downside, problems can’t be solved quickly, issues can pile up and become bigger problems. And the low-key and discreet way of dealing things is harder to communicate efficiently and come up with solutions. So populace are just populace, not citizens.

But, under the masks of all these cultures, they are fundamentally the same. Earlier I posted the “Reaction Mechanism”. This is just basically the reactions towards events happening and happened before on the land. Under the skin, they are fundamentally same, people are no different.

The only thing that makes a difference is the minority, the smaller percentage of the population, who lead the society. How they execute on things, how they bring about events onto the land, how they guide these people into the way they want? And these people, they created cultures, something that act as masks. If you strip down the masks, the Orientals are just as easily agitated as the Western Red Necks.

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