The Definition of Success

Success takes many forms. Nowadays speakers are preaching all over the world on their success-ology, how to succeed, how to be more successful, etc. etc.

Knowing that there’s no single formula for one to succeed. One major player held accounted for is randomness. Randomness not just affect success, it affects everything on this planet. We are in a very intertwined and complex globe where information and events happen due to countless previous causes.

You can’t take someone’s success-ology and just take it as your life course, it doesn’t work this way.

Everything can be concluded in this one sentence: “failure has a million ways and success doesn’t take a single form.” Overall, failure’s number is bigger than success, because it’s basically a one-end road. You start from failure then you succeed. It’s not the end that matters, it’s the process. Because, this one-end road might not guarantee you success, no matter you fail at the start or succeed at the start, no matter you fail or succeed at the end, you learned something in the process, on this one-end road.

And remember, there’s no lower limit—there’s no worst, only worse.

Commonly, we love to praise and regard those billionaires or millionaires as successes, people with tons of money.

Aspiration is a good thing but that doesn’t tell every millionaire is truly worthy of studying.

Like I told you, success doesn’t take one form. Some people build up their empires by hardworking, some by stealing. And both of them can present to you as the glorious sunglasses cha-ching.

Being famous, powerful, rich are the definition of (probably eternal) success. Again, aspiration is good, ambition is not bad. But knowing who you aspire to and what you are is more important than simply studying these success-ology.

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