The Chain for Greed, A More Human Approach to Contemporary Problems

Greed is a beast that forever lusts anything.

Some say that capitalism is dead–it’s consuming the society. The rich become richer, the poor become poorer, and there don’t seem a way to pause this repulsion between the two extremes.

Charity, philanthropy, some suggests. But this is not some action that every rich person, every conglomerate would do while they enjoy everything money can bring them.

Sometimes, desperate westerners would look at the east, wondering how they’re doing in their country run? Some people even think that communism like China’s is the solution to current dilemma. People are still arguing the benefits communism can bring while it’s already decades away from the end of Cold War.

True that the aftermath of Cold War is never gone. But we need to stop asking ourselves on however these two ideologies would benefit us. It’s time for a third approach.

Nothing in human society can escape humanity, ideology societal system is just ways refraining humanity. However you do you can’t literally get away from your natural instincts.

Greed is infinite, from the Genesis. No corporation in this world would stop at a point, where every shareholder and executive would think, “This is enough, we should stop.”

They never stop and they don’t. The expansion of corporations is like advanced country invading other inferior countries, never stops until meets obstruction.

We need a way to refrain their greed, our, greed.

Scandinavia countries have been practicing the combination of socialism and capitalism for decades, and people living in there seem far happier than people living in US. US is the extreme side of everything. Things come and go quick, and violently.

The FCC repealing Net Neutrality is a typical example of how the rich in America want to expand even more. Even though the public’s opinion on repealing is strongly against, FCC still nonetheless repealed it.

No matter what type of societal system, it’s a system that governs human heart. How to let it loose? How to restrain it?

To put a chain on the endlessly growing greed.

The third approach is a human approach, aside from capitalism and communism, which stress heavily on economy status and governing control. The third approach should focus on human itself, the essentials on how to make human flourish, rather than how to “utilize economy or policies” to set things straight.

Things… stray away.

Free market. Free market means opportunities. A market that is controlled by government seems ridiculous. The most natural form of human trading would be free market, why inserting any forms of restrictions on the most natural human activity?

China imposes many rules on things that can trade inside the country. For example, you can’t trade weaponry, things like knife, sword or other edgy weapons can’t be traded. You can buy a kitchen knife in a supermarket, but you can’t buy a sword in an open market. They can’t be traded publicly, unless you do them privately, which is prohibited.

Government intervention is a specific method, it’s like a last resort for unusual times. And government is not necessary. Throughout times people justify government by that they are always there. It’s not the case. Humans are self-governing species, very autonomous, you don’t need much governance for them. Government to me has always been a middle man for dealing with particular issues. Sometimes you just need a middle man to prove something right or wrong.

To put a chain on greed, a good solution would be let the government give corporations a certain threshold for them to expand more.

For example, if a huge corporation wants to expand its factory usage area, they need to meet the certain permission issued from the government. The certain permission that is repaying the community for how much, not infinitely expanding without any limits.

Many bubbles happened today are due to a lack of restraint. If you don’t put any limit on anything, they are just going to grow infinitely, which creates tragedies.

US has similar policy that requires corporations to do certain amount of charity over the time when they gain revenues. However that doesn’t seem to slow their expansion. Numerous corporations even try to circumvent that, by placing corporate values first rather than the community, which is their consumers.

Thus we need to figure out smarter ways of slowing the upper levels expansion and accelerating lower levels growth. To encourage a positive societal cycle that benefits both sides. To put a chain on the never stopping greed.

The repay need not necessarily be monetary, there are tons of ways that repay the community without money.

If one checkpoint is not enough, give it two, otherwise, three. The point here is to slow them down, not kill them. They are taking too much resources those inferior competitors and lower classes couldn’t get, we only need to slow them down, for other people to catch up a little bit.

It’s like saying, “Hey, I know you guys are doing well these past years, and you guys done a hell lot contribution to the country. Just wanna know that whether you guys can slow it down a lil’ bit? Cuz there are other guys leaving behind and they need help. We want everyone to be happy, not just you.”

It’s knob, but not a knob that constrain environment. Environment, economic environment should always be as free as possible to let possibilities happen. The knob is way that constrains corporations through “checkpoints”, that really slow them down. If one particular policy can’t slow them down, give them two. Still not, three.

Community contribution, monetary repay, ways of helping other people leaving behind are many.


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