Always Ask Too Much but Give Little

Most of my close male friends got their girlfriends by doing nothing. People around me seem really capable and women just thrown themselves at them.

But they all got the same idea after dating awhile, they don’t feel like it’s a necessity to have a girlfriend. Or that, they are not really in love.

Demanding and clinging are the typical traits of today’s women. I know I’m generalizing them, but take it as a stereotype. I know there are women out there who aren’t like this.

So just want to share some stories from my friends. Well I don’t have many stories to tell since I’m freelancing, I don’t go out much to have a date so.

Friend A, a very good friend, got his girlfriend at the freshmen year? Which is really quick, the girl threw herself at him. And during the years in college he brought up several times to break up, so the girl was pushed away and leaned herself back, pushed away and leaned back several times. Till the point this dude gets really annoyed, he dumped her once and for all.

This is a bit extreme, but through the conversations with him, I understand that he’s got much more other things going on in his life. Mostly due to his career and study. To me, love life is a good thing to have in college life. But apparently he doesn’t think that the girl is for him, at least his love. Just a normal girl who wants some cuddle and “protection”.

Friend B, also a very close friend, got his girlfriend at the end of sophomore? And also the girl threw herself at him. He’s a nice and general dude, he tries to become a good boyfriend that generally people aspire to. After half a year’s relationship with the girl, he felt a little tired, and annoyed. Because the girl is also a bit “clinging”? And “demanding”?

The stereotypical woman figure in men’s mind is not what exactly reality tells us. Many women aren’t this kind of loving, caring, submissive etc. Women appear to be very in their own way, just like how us men are right now.

Material richness and opportunities brought up much more security and protection for women nowadays than in old times. Women now simply don’t need much from men to provide a protection, or security per se.

Japan’s population decreasing is the result of modern women in Japan no longer need men’s prowess anymore. They can provide for themselves, being very self-sufficient.

After entering society, women would be even more demanding if they can’t provide for themselves. They ask a lot from men and in return they give away little. A stable job, high salary, a house, a car and being sweet to them are basic marriage standards nowadays in China.

Reality is another story. Women being more demanding, men have more burdens on them, and not just from women, from the society as well. These burdens increase day by day, till the point they feel really tired and just want to evade all of this.

It’s a good thing to be a capable man, however a capable man would want a capable woman as well. A woman who can handle her own things.

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