Functions of Education

Philosophy, well, it’s an interesting subject. It should be listed into the high school subjects rather than a university course.

In my high school years, in China, we were taught 9 major subjects that are closely tied to mechanical science: Chinese, English, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History and Politics (Communist Propaganda Subject).

Other subjects like Music, Arts and even Sports were totally neglected, in the long process of pursuing laurel in the final examination.

Subjects like Sociology, Philosophy or even Cooking can totally be taught in high school. Somehow I don’t understand why they set up the system like this.

Philosophy means “love wisdom”. The earlier you teach this to students, the more expansive their brains can be, and philosophy teaches logics and rationality, something mundane folks lack the most.

Philosophy is not a subject that has a certain threshold, if there is one, that would be the language comprehension level. Basically, if you learn your mother tongue really well, you will understand what philosophy is talking about in most fields. There isn’t really a threshold that rejects students having lower conditions.

Confucius says, “Educate whomever.” It means “As long as you are willing to study from me, I shall bestow the knowledge I have to you no matter who you are. Everyone that comes here is a student, and students need knowledge.”

Few days ago I watched a TED video by Sir Ken Robinson (Do schools kill creativity?). In the video, he stressed that the traditional hierarchy of subjects are killing creativity. Subjects like Arts, Dance, and Music are neglected so badly in most public schools.

And we didn’t get to learn Philosophy, social science like this…

Truth is, many subjects are useless unless you have an interest in them. Many subjects without interests are useless.

Physics, Chemistry, science subjects like these are totally useless in your after-school life if you don’t choose to be in a subject-related career.

Philosophy is the same, if you don’t have interest in it, it’s completely useless.

Does it help to make money by thinking about whether mind or body is more important?

Simply making money is a far easier thing than thinking about the importance of mind and body. And yes, the money-making requirement is much lower than some complex concepts understanding.

It’s not like I’m encouraging you to drop out of school right away, it’s that the things we learn need to lead a more profound and positive way.

Any subject has a meaning to be learned, they exist to produce certain specialists.

If things don’t make money, they are useless, that would be a really dumb assumption.

It’s the level of complexity that we are educating people of. The more complex a subject gets, the more details and meaning you will find inside.

We are producing human beings, human beings that understand rationality, decency and complexity.

It’s fine to learn mechanical science, but many other side subjects are also ways to produce creativity and innovation inside humans. Let it be social science, or politics or some non-mainstream subjects, like Dancing and Music.

In 100 children, there is definitely one scientist, one musician, one astrologist and one philosopher. The list can expand more as long as you understand how education works. All that matters is the environment to bake these seeds.

You can’t tell whether your child is a musician or not by putting him inside a school that teaches general knowledge. We need to specify, customize education experience for students.

It’s the level of complexity, that we are trying to convey and transfer to students. Letting them understand the complexity helps bring better result and better human beings.

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