Gender War: Why Extreme? Appreciation and the Happy Middle Ground

So the typical view on women is this submissive, sexy and easily manipulated figure. Most men desire this type of women, and they brashly entitle themselves as alpha–something that women like, aggressiveness, assertiveness.

They feel like wolves hunting down sheep-like women, one after another, the booty is the women like above would gladly open their legs for them. The traditional and stereotypical men and women relationship.

Vulgar, is the word I can think of for this type of relationship. Also, primal.

Men like to fantasize women in place of their fetishes. For women that are submissive, they are the ideal targets for men’s fantasies. So men force these fantasies on these women, establishing this jungle-like relationship between the two sex. Women are like toys and playthings at the mercy of men, easily dispensable.

This, is not beautiful.

Later, feminists came out. They strikingly shouted out for the justice for women, equality for all and gender-free propaganda. The world was suddenly in silence and came back with explosions one wave higher than another. Streets were swarming with groups of people crying for their “justice”.

Women became something else, the exact opposite of the previous type–entitled, bitchy and demanding.

This has raised the situation to another extreme. Women start to demand men to become their ideals, their fantasies. A gender reversal begins.

They seem like victims of previous men’s vulgar and primal oppression, so this time, they make men victims, using the same tactics men used on them before.

Women start to select their followers, refuse to be fantasized, and most of all, utilize their bitchiness to climb on men that love to give.

Their entitlement pushes men away because of this jinbo jumble BS, whereas the superficiality before feminism still hasn’t changed a bit.

Now men feel the frustration women once suffered.

This, is not beautiful.

Is it that necessary? Do we always have to go extreme?

The men extreme side is to objectify women, and the women extreme side is to dehumanize men.

Where….? Where is the appreciation for both sex?

Let me tell you something. I love girls, I love women. To the point I think I can just look at her body all night without even touching it. If she allows me, of course.

This comes from the sense of aesthetics, appreciation for women, that they are so lovely and heavenly. The body of women is beautiful enough, if you can imagine just a woman, and nature. A perfect combination.

Deep inside our minds, we are still animals, vulgar and beasty. But as human, shouldn’t our primary goal be “more than animals”?

Simple appreciation. Either sex can do that. The two extremes depict something us would do extremely, like horses without reins. That’s the least human thing humans can do.

Stop this objectifying and dehumanizing BS. You can stay happy in the middle ground and be a human, to appreciate both sex, and other groups of people.

And women need to have opinions, just like how men do. But not an extremist one.

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