The Way of Business

I personally always think that in the business industry, the people in need are more or less with the traits of being sly and smart.

Business, they say.

My life time experience with business is that you can’t trust them, on any level, you just can’t.

Because everything here is too simple, and too superficial.

Business requires you to make rash decisions, which would drive up sales. As long as customers make rash decisions to buy something, the seller profits.

And most of the time business constructs on emotional level, there is no rationality, logics in it.

The whole process of buying and selling is actually soulless, or faceless. You find something you need, get it, boom, get out. The whole process is not intrinsically connected with buyers’ hearts.

People talking about getting customers on an emotional level, but that’s still inside this circle of faceless transactions. How to emotionally trigger them to buy is not emotionally connecting them, it’s just a trick to trick them into thinking it’s related.

Example. Let’s say customers are trying to buy some household items. Nice simple easy. You may say customers want these items because they are emotionally triggering, but they are not.

These are just some instantaneous and impulsive emotions. They happen fast and gone fast. Like happy, sad, funny etc.–basic human functionalities.

To connect people with a much more deeper level requires profound emotional links. Something that can elicit sorrow, sympathy, happiness (different from happy, being emotionally satisfied), love and many others. Profound human emotions are the best to establish trusts. And trust is the thing you need to basically achieve almost anything.

I said that I never really like the idea of business, because more or less you need some slyness in this whole operation. It’s like tricking or cheating others. Then there is no honest or trust to talk about.

But when we talk about entrepreneurship, we are talking about making valuable contents for the world, for the public. Something that can connect them on a profound emotional level, since the public are emotional beings. This you can find on a previous post I talked about, something that separates the public and other minorities.

I don’t know, really… Business is simple and easy, and it has been this way for thousands of years.

There is nothing complex between buyers and sellers, just the action of exchanging. Simple, robotic.

I had the thought that they were intricate, complicated. But they were not, they never are. The action can’t be simpler.

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