The Surprising Downsides of Being Clever – Review Version

Read a very good article from BBC. The Surprising Downsides of Being Clever by David Robson   It’s a deep dissection about the intellectually smart people, and it explains things very interesting and relatable to me.

giftedFew months ago I watched a movie called Gifted, it’s a story about a math prodigy girl and the debate on the education for her future. It’s a modern postmortem on the traditional view of getting the prodigy the best education possible and sending her to academies in an early age. ...READ MORE

Expressive and Passive Societies

Through my years of experiences with US and China, I would analogize US to a very expressive young man. And China, as a very introverted and passive middle-aged guy.

The analogy can also be applied to East Asian cultures, and NA cultures. Whereas I don’t find the expressiveness quite come from European countries like France, UK or Germany. They would be more “discreet”, or low-key.

This expressiveness only preserves in NA cultures, American and Canadian people love to talk about stuff. Love to criticize their politicians, love to discuss trending subjects etc. Things… get more straightforward on lands like this. ...READ MORE

The Definition of Success

Success takes many forms. Nowadays speakers are preaching all over the world on their success-ology, how to succeed, how to be more successful, etc. etc.

Knowing that there’s no single formula for one to succeed. One major player held accounted for is randomness. Randomness not just affect success, it affects everything on this planet. We are in a very intertwined and complex globe where information and events happen due to countless previous causes. ...READ MORE

Reaction Mechanism

In our world, the population consists of 60-70% of S people and 20-30% of N people, Sense and Intuition. This data is taken from the MBTI test on general population.

Reaction Mechanism, this is something I call when it comes to differentiate S and N.

I didn’t feel the necessity to talk about this because most people are S people, they don’t listen to reasoning. Thus even if I explain this concept to them it would be futile. ...READ MORE

Racism—If You Think It’s Racist, It’s Racist

Racism, a word that’s prevalent these days. There is no objective racism, only subjective.

Whenever you are making race a big deal, it’s racist. Emphasizing race this action is racist.

The initiative of racism is to treat every soul equal—race, gender, sexuality anything that objectifies a human. It’s a beautiful wish, but very impractical.

Behind every race, is culture that you can hardly move. Discrimination is a human feature, people discriminate whenever possible. ...READ MORE

10 Types of Women

1. The Mainstream Type

The type appeals to most men, she appears in every media form and oftentimes the female protagonist. She’s loving, caring, understanding. And being submissive and emotional. We all think this type of girl is prevalent, but apparently it’s dead wrong. They are, not, that common. Otherwise how are they the protagonist?

2. The Girly Woman

This type of women is when a girl hasn’t grown up to be a true woman but her physical age is selling her out. The girly woman is not a grownup and simply they still need tons of care to “function” normally. And being a little girl, this means they are vulnerable, innocent and needy. ...READ MORE

The Case Study of SnapChat

Today, let’s talk about one company. SnapChat, Snap Inc.

The company is a rising star in today’s social media industry, and slowly expanding its share in the market.

SnapChat timeline
SnapChat is co-founded by two Stanford students, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy in 2012.

In today’s context, SnapChat can be referred to as an overnight success. The duo had started a company called Future Freshman before and it failed in less than 7 months. Later, they started Picaboo, which was SnapChat’s original concept, in mid 2012. After the official launch of the app, which was SnapChat, the app exploded in about a year. Users skyrocketed “overnight”, the app suddenly became viral and over popular. ...READ MORE