Things That Haunt Me

One thing haunts me the most is the idea of staying average.

I hate nothing changes. 

But I am also very terrified of the idea that I can not fulfill my promises.

People look up to you and they think you’re a leader, but as a leader, a leader fears he leads the wrong way.

There’s this phrase, “half full bottle”, I heard it a lot in my student career. I think I may be one. Maybe not. ...READ MORE

The Influencers of Emotional Security

I have been long conducting a research on my own–what affect one’s feeling of being secure? (What are the influencers of one’s emotional security?) Or maybe I have wrote about this topic before in my blog.

I already had an answer but I’m afraid it’s inadequate for this convoluted question.

Psychology should have explored this area of knowledge already, yet I can’t find anything useful. ...READ MORE

Why Mongols Made an Empire

There was this Quora question about why Genghis Khan was so successful. Here’s the answer:

The insane execution of meritocracy and discipline in his armies.

The “organization” he led was constructed so perfectly that no other military force at the time could go head to head. There were contenders though, they were defeated, harshly.

Let’s talk about meritocracy first, and this is the main reason why Mongol made an empire run across Eurasia. ...READ MORE

Knowledge Applications from Books

If you want to go to college, you’d have a good experience with college environment.

College provides more of an environment for you to study, rather than the actual knowledge being that important. In fact, you can learn all of them from books or online, since technologies are so advanced these days.

Knowledge these days are almost free to acquire, as long as you wish to acquire them.

The difference between colleges and books, is that college creates a certain type of model for you to implement these knowledge, and this goes for every single person in a college. ...READ MORE

Standards and Perfectionism

I’m often very critical on things I see. Normally I can always point out some flaws of them and how they can improve.

However, the reason why products, services or any other commercial goods we see have flaws is simply the result of an imperfect production, and perfection is hardly a requirement for most people.

It has something to do with my OCD, I’m a perfectionist. I pursue perfection. ...READ MORE

The West Looks Grim

Original Title: Downhill from the West

Recent years the West has been trough several crucial transformations. It almost feels like something ticked, and it has overthrown the whole western valuation.

Something’s changed.

I see many people embracing nostalgia, recalling the good ol’ days, complaining about what the world has become.

I can’t tell.

And communist activists start to use this as evidence to oppose western values. Regard the recent political turbulence as incompetence from the democratic societies. ...READ MORE

Pop Poison

I think I wrote about this before.

The current pop culture is extremely repetitive, to a point that its repetitiveness is presented so blatantly to the public and the public don’t care.

The pop culture over the years have come to a mature stage where pop artists are producing pretty much the same content. Wonder why?

Check this one.

It’s a meme video, but the reason behind it is simply that pop music are just more or less the same. ...READ MORE