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Lately when I’m browsing Quora, I’ve seen an increased number of the previously infamous China’s supporters. Talk about there is this “China Model” that has prospered China for the past decade.

I’m a Chinese, it’s funny to me how these people actually think about China.

I’ve never heard of the China Model before, nor do I care.

But these people have been worshipping this model so high, that I have to put an eye and two on it.

Probably due to the recent regression of the West, there has been a strange political tide sweeping western civilizations. Shall I call it Trumpsatrophe?

Furthermore, people start to lose faith and aspire to some new solution. The newly rise of China caught basically everyone’s attention.

Could China be the next dominant superpower? Could China be the next leader of the world?

Nobody knows, but many, aspire to it, just like what they did to the US.

As people marvel at the feats China accomplished, a strange academic term emerged. The China Model.

I’ve seen multiple talks, articles, videos, meticulously depicting the “model” China presents to us now.

People dissected this model, praised it, sang for it as the next possible future for mankind; how westerners should look forward to this thing etc.


Really, ridiculous.

I really don’t like how people view the world today, typically, none of them are rational. They only see the results, not the process. They only see the surface, not the inside.


Ok… so what’s this China Model?

As definition, people define it as a Chinese Communist Meritocracy, or Democratic Meritocracy.

Weird terms, right?

It’s basically a political system, said Chinese put their professionals to administrate the country. They have good track records and these things are marked by superiors who are going to put these people into certain occupations.

Seems like a meritocracy to me. But hold on.

“If freedom and democracy of certain version can NOT bring general goods to the mass, then Chinese will NOT think highly about it.”

Actually, this China Model is basically what current China looks like.

Everything the government does, is the example of a China Model.

Let it be oppression, censorship or any other bad thing, and also including any other good thing in China.

This is the China Model.

People put heavy stresses on the meritocratic aspect of this government model, saying that China should be on this road or anything.

True, Meritocracy did come from China, a few thousand years ago.

Are we actually implementing it? No.

It’s so strange why people think China is a meritocracy society. It’s completely not.

People support this by opposing the lately incompetence of West that they have put wrong people in charge.

But how does that justify China is run by “able” people?

Weird logic.

So let me try to dissect this misconception about China. The meritocracy part.

The ideal meritocracy means to put able people before a group, to let them lead these people. Is China doing this?


Firstly, if we are meritocracy, why do we still have tons of social issues that wait to be solved? These problems persist from 10 years ago, till today. Education, healthcare, pension, investment etc. So our “able” officials are not able to solve these problems?

Second, corruption plays a big role in China’s human network. I’ve seen many complaints from people working in government. They complain they don’t have a “good” father. They don’t have a father who is the director of a certain department, a father who is the general of a military zone, a father who is well versed in knowing these people. They can not compete with someone whose parents come from a higher social rung. In this case, power.

Third, meritocracy has its own flaw. That would be, the standard to judge a person meritorious or not is vague. Or completely subjective to the authority who have certain views on talents in need. The public opinion is not the judgement standards for authority to actually implement any policy or personnel.

This is why the typical western democracy contradicts with meritocracy. Democracy values public opinion, popular opinion (how democracy actually implements would be another talk), however, meritocracy would be how elites, people in charge actually think for the country.

But is China a meritocracy that leaders and officials think for the country? Not really. Otherwise why do we have corruption?

Every leader has his or her own vision for the country. Is that vision actually good for the public? People in democratic societies use votes to decide. In China, we don’t know.

Even if we do know, we can’t say anything. Whether you support it or not, does not affect how the higher tiers control and run the country. They are the emperor, we are the populace.

This has been the ruling mode for thousands of years in China. The mindset of an emperor and his populace. And people believe in it, firmly ingrained.

Back to China Model, if I’m to expand the content on ruling/political philosophy, that’ll be another post.

I personally like what this post on Quora wrote about.

Read Robin Daverman's answer to How does China have the best, practical, and workable political system "Democratic Meritocracy" in the world? on Quora

China herself does not believe there is a “China Model”, and China’s ambassador specifically said other countries should NOT follow the so-called China Model.

First of all, China has been an atheist country for over 2500 years. The vast majority of the Chinese are Han. So right off the bat, China is pretty much free from religious and ethnic conflicts. How many other countries are like that?

Also added that Chinese are really hardworking people. Chinese can work so silently and hard for a better family, better life, better future and better country. No matter how bent they need to be.

They aspire to a stronger nation.

They work hard, and head for a unified direction.

As Chinese, we can sustain how much the pressure and how heavy the tasks the government gives us.

So the reason China Model is China Model is because of Chinese people. The foundation of China Model is its people–hardworking Chinese people.

If any other country wants to copy this model, you will need to have Chinese people first.

We call this the circle of Confucianism. East Asian cultures benefit from this overall ethics, so that’s why they work really hard. Japan, Korea, also China.

I’m not saying everyone in China is a hardworking joe. But this is true for many Chinese.

The teachers who work in the poor rural areas, the delivery men who work no matter how bad the weather is, the airline attendants who work every flight and keep the smile. There are many others. Generally we are hardworking people.

Secondly, just because the CCP has the word “party” in its name, doesn’t mean that it’s the same as the Labor/Conservative Party, or the Republican/Democrat Party-kind of “party”. For example, you don’t say “I want to join the Liberal Party so that I can go risk my life fighting forest fire in Canada”. That would be ridiculous. But that’s the sort of thing that happens regularly in China. for example, thousands of people joined the CCP during 1998 China floods, just so that they got to risk their lives for others.

And genuine people.

So you actually have a very unusual country and a very unusual government to begin with, and there are many, many other peculiarities about China that is totally different from most other countries. A lot of things that can be done in China, simply can’t be done in other places. And if you try to do what China did in terms of public policy, even half of it would have set off civil war or something in other countries. But in China, no problem, smooth like the oil flows. That’s why the Chinese themselves are saying, there is no “China Model”!

Something about CCP. People asked this before, they ask whether party is before country or country before party.

Without doubts, it’s definitely party before country. And people argue that there is no such comparison, only the symbolism that party equates country.

This is another ridiculous thing here about this China Model. But true. Both answers are true on some level.

CCP has already become some kind of a cult for people to believe in.

People stand outside of the country believe country should be before the party. Population inside believe party is the country. Insane right?

And Chinese people are just super resilient. Bad policy? No problem, as long as we can make do it’s fine. Bad regulation? No problem, we always have our own ways to circumvent them.


China Model you say?


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