Pop Poison

I think I wrote about this before.

The current pop culture is extremely repetitive, to a point that its repetitiveness is presented so blatantly to the public and the public don’t care.

The pop culture over the years have come to a mature stage where pop artists are producing pretty much the same content. Wonder why?

Check this one.

It’s a meme video, but the reason behind it is simply that pop music are just more or less the same.

You can repeat basically anything, as long as it fits the bpm (beats per minute). In this video, “metro boomin wants some more” is basically inserted into the most popular songs out there, and it fits perfectly into basically every song.

All the songs used in the video have similar bpm.

Baby: 130 bpm
Dark Horse: 132 bpm
Hotline Bling: 135 bpm
Hello: 158 bpm
Stressed Out: 170 bpm
Love Me Like You Do: 189 bpm
Stats taken from songbpm.com

The average pop songs’ bpm is around 120 bpm and 130 bpm.

This bpm pattern is what I called the “jogging beats rate”. The average normal state human heart bpm is around 100. And when humans jog, the bpm is around 160. Averagely.

So pop songs are little bit lower than the actual jogging rate but higher than the normal state. It’s basically the jogging for your heart, rather than your body.

It has always been this way for decades. Physically humans accept the beats more naturally when it’s the “jogging beats rate”.

So that’s why we can find so much similarity between song and song.

However, apparently there are people abusing this. Since pop music is already repetitive enough. Gucci Gang’s bpm is 120 bpm. And by constantly repeating the same thing, the “pop” element ingrains to your brain even harder.

Humans have this function and that’s how they memorize things, by repeating them.

Advertizing utilizes this method constantly, otherwise why do you see the same ad everyday?

By repeating something 5 or 7 times, it creates a fixed image in your brain and your brain would subconsciously remember this thing.

Pop music works the same way, by constantly repeating it to your ears, your hearing nerves memorize it and become attached to it.

I quit listening to pop songs like what I did when I was still a student.

The same sauce everyday, that’s not a good sign.

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