I don’t do it.

The reason is simple, because I know sometimes my opinion is completely my opinion, and it’s not mainstream.

I think it’s more about like-minded people find you rather than you present yourself to them.

This is my personal blog, I don’t feel the urge to promote anything. There’s SEO I know that, there’s AdWords, social media marketing, I know all of them. I just don’t like it.

Don’t like the idea of it.

People find their ways, when they want to get something. And I’m too newbie on promoting and it costs me energy.

Plus, I’m not sure I’m actually making this blog a commercial one. The ads are for the server running fee and I don’t think they ever contributed any money to me.

Maybe I will create another website strictly for commercial use, otherwise, this blog is still going to stay as a personal blog.

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