Quora Fury

Wrote a lot of stuff on Quora lately.

Feels like the whole month is contributing to Quora or whatnot. Most of time I write on my blog and Quora is kind of like an annual operation. I feel like I write on it occasionally and specially bombard it in a short time. Like the beginning of every year. 😆

Quora is kind of like a pretty political correct place, people from all over the world contributing to this platform.

And definitely there are foreign propaganda there, possibly major players like US, China, Russia etc.

Think about a conspiracy theory: The high votes answers, questions that relate to politics, are created by people with a team. So the team can create an account, a fake account, and present it as a real human being and answer questions on Quora. And through the information collecting from the team, the answers can be high quality and be able to sway the public’s opinion.

So 2017 earlier, I saw a news that, on Twitter, there was this fake account that named something something, a pretty left-wing “woman”, and pretty active on Twitter. She swayed the public’s opinions so much, many Twitter users commented on her tweets and she had a number of followers. But turns out, she’s an account created by Russian Internet trolls in St. Petersburg.

It feels kind of insane, but heck, it’s just a theory.

Internet is always anonymous, most of the time it’s you that gives away your personal information. Social media is a great way to collect real information without even compromising yourself or anything. People just write their own shit everywhere.

Most of the times it’s just you.

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