The New Generation

Knowing that Jake Paul was born the same year as mine, I feel ashamed.

There’s always been saying that “the new generation is pretty fucked up.” And I can’t disagree with that.

But despite spitting on this new generation, I’d rather dig a little deeper on why the generation is fucked up.

For me, I was raised pretty conventionally and my parents did not constrain too much on me. My family was a pretty middle class family. I was influenced heavily by 80s and 90s, which was a pretty glorious age for the whole world.

I took mostly the values from 80s and 90s. My whole mindset is constructed on that.

However, it seems like this differentiates me from my peers who grew up in the same generation.

So modern technologies definitely have had influence on this. I like how one of my friends thought about the changes of current world. He thinks that it’s more the materials are influencing people rather than people are influencing the materials.

Politicians try so hard on their public figures because they fear to be exposed by cameras. People stop using taxis ever because there is Uber. And we constantly try to build a fancy social profile because we had a new life on the Internet/social media.

The current time is gifted/benefited by the Internet booming in the 80s and 90s. The third Technology Revolution has completely overthrown people’s lives.

This age has shaped so many people’s lives overnight–tons of people became millionaire overnight or they accumulated fame overnight thanks to the modern technologies that everybody has their hands on.

It’s a pretty insane world. Tumblr’s founder David Karp was a highschool dropout and he sold Tumblr to Yahoo for $1.1 billion.

And we also have seen many people accumulate materials in a short time.

Before this prosperous age, things were slower.

Take entrepreneurship for example then and now.

McDonald’s was opened in 1940, and only after Ray Kroc joined in in 1954 the brand started to show some wide reputation. This is 15 years. And in 1961, the brand started to really specialize on their niche–“Drive-In Restaurant Services”. This took yet another 8 years. Then the brand started really on the road to nationwide/global influence. Overall, this is 23 years before a brand actually goes on to the right direction.

Snapchat. Inc, founded in 2012 and exploded in 2013, became a massive success in less than 2 years. Can you believe that? And later they got funds accumulating to over $4 billion and successfully went public.

This is insane, the difference.

Before the time, people were taught to be hardworking, honest and simply obedient. Because that was what it took to be successful. You need to pave your road step by step, you can’t just rush overnight, that won’t be possible.

But this age, materials have given people too much options and opportunities for them to express themselves and make their own work.

People can get easily over themselves by such overnight wealth, or fame. People who can not handle these materials well are bound to be controversial in the public’s sight. So we have people like Jake Paul, Logan Paul, RiceGum or other douchebags that simply people just hate on.

This differentiates from the old ways of getting wealth. People were taught step by step in their growth, how they should handle money, how they should handle wealth. Because the feedback was not instantaneous, it took them time to figure out what was the best solution towards a problem.

But now, you don’t need any of this anymore. The feedback is instant and spontaneous. You can have everything on your disposal at once, once you “shout out” to your fans or followers.

The current age is an age surrounding with fans and idols. This model is extremely magnified than ever before.

Basically everything has an audience, a group of followers, a flock of die-hard fans. And this model trumps the whole business world. Everyone is so obsessing on building their own profiles to impress others and create their own “following”.

Not saying it’s bad, but everything has pros and cons. This model flourishes this age but people get all the input from everywhere.

You get values like this, values like that, opinions like this, ideas like that. It’s actually quite consuming. All these things, they just throw on your face, and you kind of have to engage them, even though you just check it and dump it in a trash bin soon afterwards.

But nobody escapes this. People are getting bombarded by different valuations, beliefs, and views.

So people like me, who was raised conventionally and believes in common values, just can’t stand all these new stuff throwing on my face, without my permission. I may be outdated, obsolete. Yeah… Maybe.

But you tell me. You tell me.

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