The West Looks Grim

Original Title: Downhill from the West

Recent years the West has been trough several crucial transformations. It almost feels like something ticked, and it has overthrown the whole western valuation.

Something’s changed.

I see many people embracing nostalgia, recalling the good ol’ days, complaining about what the world has become.

I can’t tell.

And communist activists start to use this as evidence to oppose western values. Regard the recent political turbulence as incompetence from the democratic societies.

2016, guess that’s when things started to go downhill. Presidential election in the US was ongoing fiercely, in the end, nobody knew it would become the duel of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Even I was surprised Trump could make it in the end. A clown/toddler like him was accepted by many people in the US, that did not make sense.

Bernie Sanders was kicked out of the competition. So this concluded yet another true fact–the public has no brain.

But still, this depends on how a country’s education and overall social awareness work.

So right after Trump’s inauguration at the beginning of 2017, everything went downhill.

Some really strange political tide was sweeping all over western civilizations. Europe also had similar drastic changes.

UK was out of EU, the Brexit. And aggressive, radical political figures started to show up in public sight. Holland, Denmark, radical politicians took control of “popular” opinions or at least making themselves seen.

Overall, this seems pretty strange and anti-mainstream. As today’s world is constantly moving forward, this political tide is definitely a regression.

Politics makes huge impacts on everything in a country. Right after Trump’s inauguration, many members of the Congress have resigned and we just keep seeing people quit from the office.

Not optimistic overall.

I notice some recent changes of online ads. Many presses started to implement paid subscription on their websites.

Generally, this seems like a reduction of advertizing revenue and advertizers. But the timing seems peculiar, as the “adpocalypse” could relate to the political instability.

The future seems clear, if the US keeps regressing, it’ll lose its number one position in the world and let China exceed them. As the country’s economic status is pretty promising.

Development is never a straight line, it has turns, and obstacles. If this regression is just a hiccup, it’ll be fine in the long run. But don’t ever let this become a downfall for a great empire.


As feminism and racism are having a blast in America, radical and unconventional things just keep on coming.

2018 does not look like a good year for the US, nor the west.

This so-called “rights for minorities” seems so far-off to me.

Being homosexual is something so great that is better than the mainstream relationship.

Women start to “take control” of their lives and object objectification, which leads to even more social unsettling and disputes between the general rights of women. Also, normal women who simply follow the trend of feminism start to dangle or maybe abuse the “privilege” from feminism, which makes it an even more sensitive subject for many.

I’ve seen news and reports that giant corporations are afraid that the public accuse them of being P.I.–political incorrect. And they have made compromising policies to fit the current standards of P.C., which is totally fucked up btw.

F1 has just stated that they would remove the position of grid girls, which has been in the F1 scene for years, due to the concern for “women being objectified”. These well-paid women lose their jobs, and apparently this is not a single case for the whole society’s movement towards being more political correct.

The western world is so connected that a single country’s problems would infect all others. Oceania has P.C. issues, Europe has P.C. issues, North America has P.C. issues. Who’s next? Japan? Hong Kong?

As I have seen ads made by western corps that try to break into China’s market are also propagating the P.C. from western world. Women’s rights, gay people’s rights and discrimination against minorities, or maybe, discrimination generally.

As globalization is going deeper and deeper, nowhere on the globe can be not affected by the turbulence on the other side.

Few things in the past 2 years had positive impacts from the west, all I heard were bad news and worse ones.

American people still believe they have an empire, but I guess it makes sense because after this much time after Trump’s inauguration, there are still many firm supporters.

Get objective, be critical. Two standards of a modern world citizen.

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