I think many people fail on being too conservative, and there are always more reasons to be conservative rather than adventurous.

People do not like to take risks. Risks force them out of their comfort zones.

I’ve met many bigoted people in my life and every single one of them has the ability to change his or her life completely, just by changing the direction a little bit, try some new things. But they stopped, they stopped at the doorway. They backed down.

My father is a bigot. He does not like my advice on his work. I’m an observer, things come through my mind and they just display flaws and strengths instantly. I can always tell that something is fishy, it’s not a super ability but the only thing that I’m different than normal people.

I remember I tried to advise my father and he objected it, quite blatantly. And I did not see him succeed. At least, till now, he’s still having financial troubles.

My best friend, is also a little bit bigoted. He only try new things when people present it upfront. It’s like you have to force the thing onto him and then he may accept it.

Generally, it’s hard to change how one person works. Everyone has their own working style.

But, I’m little different, I can change really fast as long as I deem the change is necessary.

Bigotry is what stops people from being successful or at least making great leaps.

However, I think that bigotry also stems from one person being emotional rather than rational.

Rationality does not limit one from changing, rationality tells one to change. Whoever follows rationality understands the importance of changes.

I tried to help my aunt on her small business with social media marketing, but she backed down. She stuck to her own ways of doing things, not willing to try new things.

An open mind is really important for changes, bigoted people don’t have it.

For me, all of this doesn’t make sense. If something is logically doable, and it has previous successful examples, it’s definitely doable and going to be successful.

I’d switch to that instantly. However, everyone has a learning curve about new things, if one does not understand the new thing very well, he or she may back down.

But this is the problem. Comprehension ability is very different between man and man, woman and woman.

If you don’t understand, and you back down, that’s a strange move. At least, try to understand it first.

I feel like bigoted people don’t even try to understand them, as long as they are “too hard” to understand or it costs them something, they back down instantly. And they miss the opportunity.

Really, don’t let bigotry take control of you brain. No matter you’re 20, 30 or 40. Even Warren Buffett, an 87 year old man, still learns every day. Being open-minded is a necessary trait for successful people, bigotry will take you nowhere. It only makes you stay put.

In all my years as a student, I was very different among all my peers. The biggest reason is that if I am doing something wrong, and somebody is telling me this is wrong, and I consider what I am doing is wrong, I would change, definitely. Because that’s not good for me and I need development.

This simple trait is something what peers did not hold. Very few of them appeared to have this trait. People tend to just do what they are used to do. Which is bad, you are blindfolded by your own weaknesses yet you don’t want any changes.

Please don’t be a bigot, it’s not good for health.

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