Elite Education and Leaderships

China’s education system brings “intellectual” students together and trains them in a room.

Grade is the only modifier that sets apart students. Students who excel at the system, and who do not.

Over the years, students have gone through several segregations based on their grades.

The end goal is the ultimate university segregation, a segregation so huge that it determines your later life. A good university can give you the resources you need in a future you may not need to fight for.

The training of elites.

But the questions can go all the way back to origin. What is an elite? How to determine them? And what are the meanings of training elites?

A society is a giant pool of all kinds of specimens.

Leaders are mostly spawned from the elite groups, but who are they going to lead?

The other elites in the elite groups?

Leaders are meant to lead the mass, those who were already ousted in the segregations of “excellency”.

So this room, this room full of elites, is a bad composition of a winning organization.

A good composition of an organization consists of several key components. Like a pyramid, it needs the leaders, the executors, the communicators, the workers and the feedbackers etc.

And each class in this type of organization contrasts each other, based on their functions and abilities.

Whereas elite groups, people’s abilities don’t have huge gaps. A team like this is hard to manage because competition is fierce and nobody is displaying a great specialization for anything. It ultimately narrows down the overall functions of an organization.

In a society, we need people who can play specific roles. We need garbage carriers, cleaners, maids, social workers etc. to make our society function. Low level jobs may seem distasteful but they are the foundation of this giant organization.

A bellwether needs the sheep to lead.

A bellwether can’t lead other bellwethers.

A system that is constructed solely on the biases towards humans is flawed without a doubt. Grades neglect the concept of team but emphasize too heavy on individuals.

Also, the neglect of teamwork in education have a tremendous impact on one’s later life cooperation with others.

Human society is built on the basis of cooperation, if everyone is so focused on himself/herself, they can’t make it.

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