Talk Too Rational

I talk too rational, I don’t get to humor girls.

I talk too rational, everything I got has a schedule.

I talk too rational, I get nervous every time I talk to my favorite girl.

I talk too rational, I jump from A to B to C straight to D, and I show everybody D without explaining to them. Because explanations are hassles, and people know what I’m talking have common understanding with me, otherwise they don’t.

I talk too rational, things to me are observation targets. See, break down, analyze, understand. Rinse and repeat.

I talk too rational, I don’t enjoy the stupid fun common folks laugh hard at.

Talk too rational. It teaches me discipline, also how to keep peace with myself.

I want to be in a state where I don’t have to be someone else, and I can happily accept and embrace myself.

I am not P, don’t force me to be, and I’ll never become one. A J, always a J, and do as a J does.

Women need to have as much mental energy as I do so they can actually keep a level stand with me. Benevolent, kind, open-minded, nurturing and intelligent. A good example would be a king’s wife. The woman who always stands behind the king, emperor, and gives support to him.

I don’t talk emotional, don’t force me to be, will never do it.

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