Typical Love Scenes Under Pop Culture

So in pop culture, typically romantic dramas. Screenwriters love to lay out a delicately woven web for the polygon relationships between characters, and name them as some sort of “destined” combination.

Cliche. But audience love it, love this kind of drama and also destiny for everyone scenario.

Real life doesn’t seem to happen in ways what most romantic novels or movies tend to persuade the public.

Love sometimes is miraculous, but mostly, it’s just simple. As simple as possible, and essentially as random as possible: Two people meet each other, like each other, falling in love in the end.

Most people could not possibly experience those dreamy situations in romantic dramas. In other words, directors and screenplay writers are selling dreams to the public.

In the common scenes of destiny romantic dramas, many things could not be determined by rationality, or even moral sensations. It seems, utterly dubious, towards true love. That, true love can be in many forms. One can break morality and stay with her/his true love, adultery for example. Also, someone can come back to life with fatal injuries, because of true love. In the meantime, it’s frivolous to question the veracity of the story.

Either way, somehow love does not weigh in these situations.

Every best seller is a master of selling dreams.

We humans are all dreamers, some people dream in sleep, some do it contrarily. In the end, no one wants to wake up from the sweet dreams.

Real life is a matter of random sequences. And most people don’t have high standards/expectations. Without high expectations and being “randomly arranged”, people happen to find love.

Human bonding can’t be more natural as it is. It’s so natural and inevitable that everybody just subconsciously acknowledges bonding. Even in the most unfree countries, marriage and reproduction are sacred rights.

People love drama. Every bit of it. And these destiny scenes are the best ways to sell expectations, and materials for lunch gossips.

Selling dream is one way to score, selling drama too. Combining them together and you get the current pop culture’s love culture. Somehow a Soma for everyone who enjoys?

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