Commercializing Education? NO.

I’m a strong advocator against commercializing education. As things that would most likely benefit the public should be as free as possible and as reachable as possible.

Education, healthcare, necessity food etc. Things that can go non-profit should just go non-profit.

Education, knowledge for everybody in other words, should be a public service. However, it’s been quite obvious that many people nowadays are still charging people for insane amount of fees to access these knowledge.

As the saying goes, knowledge is free and should be free. Knowledge should be there for anyone that wants to acquire it.

Setting up a barrier for a person with thirst for knowledge is just plain selfish and mean business. As things can get uglier–private schools.

Yes, the public education system is broken. How teachers are underpaid, how the Education Department does not fund enough for teaching projects, etc.

But private schools are the more evil.

Think about this, if a school is built upon profiting. How would the school actually run? For the students? Or for the money?

The money involved in education is lucrative, parents will definitely pay the price for their children to be better off in education. This enables evil businessmen to profit insanely from the ignorance of parents and students.

Also, commercializing education means to marketing it. If one thing is marketed, it is a commodity. Thus profit is what matters the most rather than a student’s wellbeing. Plus, marketing for schools is also lucrative as it draws parents in lavishing their money on their kids with an expectation, just as the ad says, that their kids can perform better.

But, is it the actual case? Hell no. How can it be? Deception is the first lesson in business.

Somehow one really needs to ask himself on why he’d pick a private school over a public school. For what kind of reasons?

School is a melting pot for kids coming from different social rungs. This is more the case for public schools. You will meet the son of a gardener, the daughter of a baker, the tall kid of an engineer and the small girl of a professor. Every single child enters a place like this and interacts with people “across the society”. This is the beauty of education. That you can create an equal ground for everyone who enters, and also equal identities for every student there.

This is the egalitarian spirit, also the American spirit. If you’re here, you are an American, you are no one else. Not about race, sex, religious belief or personal wealth.

If one truly wants to break the equal ground, he can pretty much just create a school where only a tiny portion of population can enter. And call it privileged. And that’s fucked up.

The kid of that poor gardner has the same amount of curiosity just like the kid of a wealthy businessman. Kids do not get affected by their parents, they are their own and they should be given the access to explore by themselves.

The values of these privileged students are the most worrisome. It’s a good thing that the US has a flatten-out mainstream values of middle class. In China, privileged students have that sort of weird upper class values on them. But it’s not about excellent abilities, but the capabilities of these very “Chinese” interpersonal skills.

As far as I concern, education, knowledge, should be free for everyone. Or at least the amount of functioning cost should be at minimum for most people to access.

We human as a whole live through inheriting knowledge, why controlling them? Why limiting them?

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