What Does a Matriarchy Look Like?

The world today seems to put a lot emphases on its political agenda, although the direction is unclear, people are just generally arguing for the arguing sake. Nonetheless, it brought me some curiosity for a world where males are no longer dominant.


So first, picture what would a matriarchy look like? Is some type of Amazon tribes that are completely under the leadership of women? Or a society where women are simply heralded? Or something else?

The first thing came to me for this term, was something in the back of my head about the ancient society of Chinese that lived in Stone Age.

As mythology told, men in ancient China were submissive towards women. Because women can give birth to children, not men. And as a world without fire, the mortality rate of men was fairly high. So somehow, men in the ancient China all had surnames with a female character in it–“女”.

Women could pick up fruits, doing agriculture and gardening. They had better prospects than men. So females at that time were heralded in society as they were more capable than men.

This is what matriarchy somehow looks like in the Chinese mythology.

Upon the resources I found on Internet, some other sources have pointed me interesting insights.

Does a matriarchy necessarily have to be a society where women completely dominate? Even if that is, what would a society be like? No one has ever been to the Amazon. As far as I can tell, the Amazon mythology came from the Mongolian expansion during the Middle Ages, because Mongols were the first to utilize women as combat forces.

If a matriarchy means to have women completely in control, just like what men do in a patriarchy, this opposition does not seem very productive in today’s society. If it’s all about oppression from one side to the other side.

Another possible outcome is that a matriarchy is more of an egalitarian state of society, where women may be in power, but men are also not neglected, or forced to be in submission.

As far as the facts go, and the info I collected from web. There are few, practical matriarchies out there. And also, upon that, the info does not tell very much about the difference, or how people actually perform in an environment like this.

One famous example of matriarchy is the Mosuo ethnic group in Yunnan, China. It’s almost a bizarre way of women dominating the society. It has all the typical matriarchal features, like things are passed down matrilineally; owners are female; and women control the society as they have a say over men.

Marriage, as a big part of men and women relationship, is practiced in a way that completely robs off the male efforts. Women in this minority group get to choose their partners and it seems to be able to achieve polyandry. Men are also not allowed to stay with women? As children of couple would stay in the female’s household and the couple do not stay together. Every person stays in his/her mother’s household and this passes down from generation to generation.

It’s ridiculous to me.

Also, even in a matriarchy society. Are men and women necessarily different?

It has always been more similarities than differences. Otherwise how do two get together, with all the differences?

As I’m still finding truth behind and curious about the matriarchy world, some people with their own political agenda really need to stop.

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