About Fakery

Chinese have this tendency that they always try to circumvent something, by using typical or special methods, shortcuts, to get what they want.

This probably has to do with how the country’s political system works, that many existing restrictions have been limiting people for decades. People have their wants, and the wants need to be fulfilled, so they think about “different” ways to acquire the things they want.

What does this typical mindset have to do with fakery? Bear with me.

Fakery is basically things that look like the genuine/real things. Are they completely bad? No, they are low quality stuff masked as real things.

Few days ago I watched some videos on how one person should nail a US visa interview. I thought there might be some tips and stuff I can take from. However, something in a video really reminds me of something that everybody does in China.

To go through a visa interview is not something you should typically plot for a pass/success. “There’s no secret formula in getting a pass from the officer, they are just inspecting you whether you would obey the law of the US.”

This really rings a bell and reminds me of my previous experiences. In the high school final examination, students and teachers would find specific ways to exploit the exam: Teachers would specially point out testing points students need to memorize, so that students can recap correctly. Also, students will buy tons of extra curriculum books to enhance their dictations of the points.

This is not just for the final examination, this is literally for everything that has a threshold in China–people always find ways to exploit it, and later to abuse it.

It’s like faking yourself before this specific threshold, this specific exam. And when you pass, you pass, nothing relates later.

Exams are not exams to test out one’s integrity, one’s honesty and one’s morality and abilities. Then, what are the exams for?

Could this also be the motive from the millions of fakery made in China? They had a wish, and they could not make it, so they faked it before the “test”? This ultimately distinguishes them from the real things.

People circumvent to get what they want, even though they don’t have the standards/capabilities yet.

I know that people love to take shortcuts, including me. But sometimes, real things just don’t have any shortcut. It takes a full 100 days to calcine a porcelain. You get the idea.

Masterpiece takes real hard work.

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