Small Thoughts

I think I may have written a lot of stuff lately, however, whether they are really helpful, I am not sure.

As I think I have been listing things that were already listed before.

Possibly that I am just writing stuff that I wrote before, but this time, there’s this stronger emotionally memorable impact on me.

I don’t see how’s this manageable.

To counter irrationality with rationality is hard, to counter realism with idealism or utopianism is hard. ...READ MORE

China Has Two Types of People

Idiots and rude people.

Seriously these fuckers are rude.

If you talk to them, they shove a no to you and stop talking. That is rude.

Every single country has rude people, and idiots.

It’s a proportion problem, rather than a, phenomenal one.

And it seems like, this proportion is extremely big in China.

One thing needs to point out is materialism. This is the thing that twists and distorts humans’ basic understanding of human behaviors. It works, as a poison, to sabotage people’s views on others. ...READ MORE

Chinese HRs Are Bunch of Meatheads

I was thinking about does the society value ability the most? Pure ability.

Nowadays, people are completely degraded or objectified.

To find a job is to sell yourself, to sell yourself means to degrade yourself to a mere object.

People have too little time to go through anything. Everything is fast and people choose people very quickly.

HRs, they don’t give a shit about who you really are. They want to see your descriptions, your descriptions of usage. Then, they can put you into their baskets as if you are just some soda can in a supermarket. ...READ MORE


Arts is a complicated concept that it revolves around complex ideas and aesthetics in it. Arts in Constantine Philosophy is the way to express complex and profound meanings and ideas.

Aesthetic Rationality, probably.

Rationality requires full-blown logical process to view an object.

Arts doesn’t, it sees things through a much wider lens, the point of arts, is to artify an object so that it regains vitality, it means to let loose, to chill. ...READ MORE

Honesty Talk from Recent Activities

Honesty is the first thing one should present, it makes one upright. He walks upright, he sits upright and he sleeps upright, are all, due to whether one can be honest all the time.

Since when our world recommends lying? I am confused.

I can’t lie. I still feel the urge that prevents me from becoming a despicable person. I’ve lived through all these years disciplining myself to be an honest person. ...READ MORE

Engage in a World Full of Wonders and Aesthetics

The more you delve in, the bigger the contradiction.

A battle of idealistic vs. realistic.

People die, from this battle of infinity.

When one stops dreaming, he dies.

I found this out immediately after today’s interview.

I have a gut feeling that I’m definitely not suited for the job, it’s too realistic for me.

The boss asked me for my demands of the job.

I didn’t have the purpose of it, neither did I care. ...READ MORE