So This Country of Obedient Men

In China, I always have this sense of feeling that everybody is just so fine with everything.

They can adapt to literally anything.

This bothers me a lot. As new policies come out, no one dares and wants to say no.

Everyone is so reluctant to express their opinions. Even if you ask their opinions, in the end, they would just reply with “What can you do about it anyway?”

No one talks about politics, culture and anything that is crucial to the development of a country.

If people argue China being not civilized, I don’t disagree with that.

What supports a country is a generation of men and women. How capable, civilized, educated these people are, how well the country is going to be.

However, even though 2 decades have passed. Chinese people still present a form as what they were 20 years ago. There’s nothing changed with people.

Same obedient, same tiny, same sheepy people.

Over the years, we’ve seen substantial changes with the physical world. As people are given more access and resources, they have utilized these resources well enough to create many marvels.

If this is the case, then apparently the problem lies in the system. The system changes people, also the system stalls people. People don’t change in these 20 years, because the system does not allow them to change. However, people can create things given the right opportunities and conditions.

People are just susceptible and vulnerable beings. We are humans after all. Each individual is a weak force, and each individual has his or her vulnerabilities.

People are afraid to unite together, as they can not even trust each other.

There is no tie between everyone, and everyone is susceptible to strong power, thus everyone becomes obedient and submissive.

Then you got yourself a mass of endless labor who listen to everything you say.

This country of obedient men…… Man.

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