The STDs-Free Paper

Imagine you are about to have sex with a new partner, be it a Tinder date, a local bar girl or someone you just recently approached to.

How high is the possibility of you infecting a STD?

Or, would you get infected with STDs?

There is literally no certain way to know unless you both have tested papers.

For STDs, the most common trait of them is being unnoticeable, one can appear fully normal with no serious or conspicuous symptoms.

If you have a conversation before with your partner about it, it might decrease the possibility of you getting a STD. Still, you have a chance of infecting it.

Talking with your partner about STDs, an open and honest talk is the best. This can largely decrease the risk, however.

What if your partner doesn’t know? And what if he/she lies?

Then it gets to the second route, protect yourself first.

How to protect yourself from possible STDs infections? Wearing a condom.

This also hugely decreases your risk of infecting a STD.

However, a condom would break and also the area the condom does not cover would still make you STD susceptible. It means, you still have a chance of infecting with HPV or herpes.

So what the fuck does one do?

Get tested. It is the only certain way. You can test out all the common ones.

And go to the hospital, test common STDs. Then you’ll have those check-up papers of whether you are infected with common STDs.

And each every fucking time, you can show these papers out or make them an Excel sheet to tell your new or old partners that you’re STDs-free.

This sounds extremely ridiculous to me, however, it’s also the only sure way to be safe.

Think about it, two persons are about to have sex, each of them pulls out a paper from their bag and tells each other that he/she is STDs-free. This is insane. Are we gonna have sex or what?

Plus, the point of not infecting STDs is to not get one from sexual interactions. Get tested regularly for STDs only would tell you that you have infected one, it does not prevent you getting one.

Also, there are at least more than 20 known STDs, besides the common 6 or 7. You not only need to test the common ones, if you are not sure, you need to test all of them. It just sounds more and more ridiculous now……

The only, only way of 100% not infecting a STD is to not have sex, abstinence, yes.

No touching, no kissing, just holding hands, probably not even holding hands, just eye contacts.


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