Traditional Societies’ Women

The female figures of a society usually are the reflections of men–how men in this society treat and think of the women.

Women are in many societies belongings to the men.

Feminists may argue that it is not true, however, in many traditional societies, women are generally submissive to the overpowered men.

And women are also respected in this traditional way.

Men do first hold women in contempt in traditional societies, however, women are also responsible for house caring, birthing and jobs that only women can do.

For example, in China, people are taught to respect women from their childhood. This is not the western type of asking consent feminist BS. It’s rather respect women because women have played a huge role in our society. Birthing is excruciating, house caring is also a tiring work, not to mention all the jobs that women can take good care about.

In a typical Chinese family, women are dominant on family matters, while men are dominant on matters outside the family. Back home, a man listens to his wife. Outside of home, a man listens to himself.

Chinese men are in ways submissive to women since Chinese women are very demanding. A house, a car and a stable job are the prerequisites to start a life with a woman.

In Japan, although it is true that women have been a commodity for years, however in Japanese society, women are respected with social norms.

The bond, the love between family is something current western societies couldn’t understand. Indeed Japanese women are normally submissive, however, this is based on the fact that Japanese men are very hardworking.

They go back home, and want to see their wives taking care of the house and the kids, this makes them motivated to work hard.

Also, not to mention the Japanese women who are self-sufficient. They seek men who can please them, rather than the traditional sense that women need to please men. These women have financial security and they are keen on using their wealth for pleasure, either be affairs, dating or marriage.

Traditional societies have their own figures of women, and usually they are the reflections of men in the societies.

The figure of women can be very well toxic, but it’s nonetheless the work of men inside the country. What they value the most in women and how they depict the images of their fantasies.

Gender Problem is a peculiar thing in 21st century, as it only appears in western societies. The point of Gender Problem is social segregation–divisions have already been made, now people are just defending their each faction.

I also want to mention India. India treats their women in a very brutal and traditional way, as in degrading them completely to birthing tools.

This has to do with their own culture, however I think normally, women are respected. It’s just in their traditional sense, women have much more responsibilities in birthing, submissive to men and house business. I have not much study on India’s women culture, if someone knows, it could be an interesting subject to look into.

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