Just finished the interview. I don’t think it went pretty well, plus I didn’t like the location of the company, also their overall feeling.

The boss talked a lot, he knows something definitely, but not all. However, a company owner does not necessarily need to know everything.

Still, the salary was damn low. In the end I felt like we both cheated the other. But I really didn’t feel like to actually hold any salary threshold there. I felt quite aimless, as my goal was not to talk about money, but the actual work.

Beuracratic bullshit is a thing.

The business owner starts to exploit you when you get into the company. And you work for them. The HR is a dumbass who doesn’t know shit. Nothing in this whole circle seems intelligent to me.

But I feel like there’s going to be more. More of this beuracracy bullshit the more delve into each industry.

Somehow human deficiency is explained.

Each industry is different, as one without any knowledge of the industry doesn’t speak the language of the industry. It renders him useless, and ignorant of the industry.

To be frank, I don’t speak any of those industry language. On the other hand, I feel like I will not either.

I find it hard to put myself through these beuracratic bullshit as I’m more of a general, or common man, or a man of pop culture.

It’s, weird to get inside any of this.

You don’t know anything, anyone, you have to start low, you have to learn all these beuracratic bullshit so that you will understand what the fuck is going on and later act according to it.

This is the exact life I do not want, a life that belongs to other people, not me.

However, it seems that every corporal world is functioning like this. They speak the language of their own.

Not sure, I don’t have enough data to analyze. Better to gather more data to understand all of this mess, to be frank, wasting my time understanding some mess is not something I want.

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