Arts is a complicated concept that it revolves around complex ideas and aesthetics in it. Arts in Constantine Philosophy is the way to express complex and profound meanings and ideas.

Aesthetic Rationality, probably.

Rationality requires full-blown logical process to view an object.

Arts doesn’t, it sees things through a much wider lens, the point of arts, is to artify an object so that it regains vitality, it means to let loose, to chill.

Arts does not necessarily mean to be free, it’s under a frame, a very loose frame to usher itself. It’s liberty, rather than freedom.

It’s fine to be free, however, arts needs a theme, a concept to follow, it’s like you need to know the theme of a movie if you want to shoot one.

To understand arts, one has to understand the beauty of things.

For example, many jobs are just robotic repetitive work that doesn’t elicit a single ounce of beauty inside. They, are not beautiful.

Arts means to go free and go easy. Regulations, rules, robotic work, none of these strike accord to the essence of arts.

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